Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase pathway (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

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[Co-E]reduced acceptorreduced ferredoxinoxidized ferredoxin[Co-E]carbon monoxide[Co-E-CH3]NADPH2OTHFformateH2O5,10-methenyl-THFCO2acceptorCO2THFNADPNADPHADE3MIS1phosphateMIS1NADPHATP10-formyl-THFacetyl-CoAphosphateacetylphosphateMIS1Coenzyme AADE35-methyl-THF5,10-methylene-THFADE3ADPCoenzyme A


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
10-formyl-THF2800-34-2 (CAS)
5,10-methylene-THF31690-11-6 (CAS)
5-methyl-THF134-35-0 (CAS)
ADE3GeneProductS000003436 (SGD)
ADP58-64-0 (CAS)
ATP1927-31-7 (CAS)
Coenzyme A64885-97-8 (CAS)
MIS1GeneProductS000000288 (SGD)
NADPH2646-71-1 (CAS)
acetyl-CoA72-89-9 (CAS)
acetylphosphate590-54-5 (CAS)
phosphate14265-44-2 (CAS)

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