The Glyoxylate, Anapleurotic and Succinyl CoA (GAS) pathway (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)

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Schematic of the GAS pathway which is characterised by flux through the glyoxylate shunt and anaplerotic reactions for oxidation of pyruvate and succinyl CoA synthetase for the generation of succinyl CoA. From: (

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  1. Beste DJ, Bonde B, Hawkins N, Ward JL, Beale MH, Noack S, Nöh K, Kruger NJ, Ratcliffe RG, McFadden J; ''13C metabolic flux analysis identifies an unusual route for pyruvate dissimilation in mycobacteria which requires isocitrate lyase and carbon dioxide fixation.''; PLoS Pathog, 2011 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
02Metabolite952 (Chemspider)
CO2Metabolite274 (Chemspider)
CitrateMetabolite29081 (Chemspider)
IsocitrateMetabolite4573809 (Chemspider)
L-MalateMetabolite4573566 (Chemspider)
OxaloacetateMetabolite2509917 (Chemspider)
PyruvateMetabolite96901 (Chemspider)
SuccinateMetabolite140973 (Chemspider)
Succinyl-CoAMetabolite83179 (Chemspider)
glyoxylateMetabolite2849615 (Chemspider)
phosphoenolpyruvateMetabolite980 (Chemspider)

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