Pto kinase mediated signaling pathway leading to the oxidative burst in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

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1Oligogalacturonic Acids?phospholipase Cphospholipase APhysical pressure or Osmotic Stress9-11V.DahliaOxygenNADP+NADPHKinasesG ProteinP67FenthionReceptorAvrPtoGp91Pti1p47MechanosensorPtoHydrogen peroxideSuperoxideFenp22(phox)973989244-64


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  1. Martin GB, Frary A, Wu T, Brommonschenkel S, Chunwongse J, Earle ED, Tanksley SD; ''A member of the tomato Pto gene family confers sensitivity to fenthion resulting in rapid cell death.''; Plant Cell, 1994 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AvrPto GeneProduct
FenGeneProductSolyc05g013290.1 (Ensembl)
FenthionMetabolite3229 (Chemspider)
G ProteinGeneProduct
Gp91GeneProductSolyc03g117980.2 (Ensembl)
Hydrogen peroxideMetabolite763 (Chemspider)
KinasesGeneProduct2.7.1.-. (Enzyme Nomenclature)
NADP+Metabolite5674 (Chemspider)
NADPHMetabolite5673 (Chemspider)
OxygenMetabolite952 (Chemspider)
Pti1GeneProductSolyc12g098980.1 (Ensembl)
PtoGeneProductSolyc05g013320.1 (Ensembl)
SuperoxideMetabolite4514331 (Chemspider)
V.Dahlia GeneProduct

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