Starch Metabolism (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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starch phosphorylaseglucose 1-phosphateADP-glucoseamylasephosphoglucomutasestarch synthasestarchglucokinasefructose-1,6-bisphosphataseADP-glucose pyrophosphorylasehexosephosphate isomeraseglucose 6-phosphatePiglucoseATPADPfructose 1,6-bisphosphatefructose 6-phosphatePiH2OATPPPiH2OADPSucrose MetabolismGlycolysisCalvin Cycle


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  1. Abhijit Karve, Bradley L. Rauh, Xiaoxia Xia, Muthugapatti Kandasamy, Richard B. Meagher, Jen Sheen, Brandon d. Moore; ''Expression and evolutionary features of the hexokinase gene family in Arabidopsis''; Planta, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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83903view18:34, 28 December 2015Sbohlereaction identifier corrections regarding cellular compartment.
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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylaseProtein2.7.7.27 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
ADP-glucoseMetaboliteHMDB06557 (HMDB)
ATPMetaboliteHMDB00538 (HMDB)
Calvin CyclePathway
H2OMetaboliteHMDB02111 (HMDB)
Sucrose Metabolism Pathway
amylaseProtein3.2.1.3 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
fructose 1,6-bisphosphateMetaboliteHMDB01058 (HMDB)
fructose 6-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB00124 (HMDB)
fructose-1,6-bisphosphataseProtein3.1.3.11 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
glucokinaseProtein2.7.1.2 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
glucose 1-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB01586 (HMDB)
glucose 6-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB01401 (HMDB)
glucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
hexosephosphate isomeraseProtein5.3.1.9 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
phosphoglucomutaseProtein5.4.2.2 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
starch phosphorylaseProtein2.4.1.1 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
starch synthaseProtein2.4.1.21 (Enzyme Nomenclature)

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