Flowering Time Pathway (Beta vulgaris)

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LegendPromotionTo be integrated: Pathway NameFloweringInhibitionBvBBX19BvBFT1BvFL1BvCOL1BvCOL2BvFT1BvCEN1BvPRR7BvMFT1BvFT2Gibberellic AcidBTC1BvCOL3BvGA20OX1511222331224, 6VernalizationPhotoperiodno direct interaction provenShoot Elongation,Bolting


Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris L.) belongs to the plant family Amaranthaceae and is a biennial plant responding to long days after a cold period. It is, however, cultivated as an annual crop, since the sucrose stored in the thickened taproot during the first vegetation period is used for bolting and flowering in the second growing season in response to vernalization thus reducing sugar yield. Much less is known on flowering time regulation in sugar beet than in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. One major gene involved in bolting/flowering time control in sugar beet is BTC1, controlling expression of the two beet FT homologs, of which one (BvFT1) has become a floral repressor, whereas the other (BvFT2) has retained its flowering-promoting function.

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  2. Chia TY, Müller A, Jung C, Mutasa-Göttgens ES; ''Sugar beet contains a large CONSTANS-LIKE gene family including a CO homologue that is independent of the early-bolting (B) gene locus.''; J Exp Bot, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
BTC1GeneProductgycn.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1?name=0604.scaffold01179:7327..17611
BvBBX19GeneProductrwmw.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr9.sca026%3A149266..156604
BvBFT1GeneProductquoj.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_2/?name=Bv3_066330_quoj.t1
BvCEN1GeneProductoprx.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_2/?name=Bvchr7.sca021%3A9823967..9825811
BvCOL1GeneProducttwprt.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr2.sca001%3A5605376..5607877
BvCOL2GeneProductiqrn.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr2_un.sca002%3A250009..252388
BvCOL3GeneProductjnrj.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_2/?name=Bvchr6.sca028%3A276749..281233
BvFL1GeneProductjqqr.t1 (Other)
  • http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr6.sca027%3A2790241..2794535
  • 3 splice variants
BvFT1GeneProductmiuf.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr9.sca025%3A4036754..4042619
BvFT2GeneProducteewx.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=Bvchr4.sca001%3A3732249..3736670
BvGA20OX1GeneProductzmmm.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_2/?name=0326.scaffold00811%3A54237..56901
BvMFT1GeneProductouaf.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_2/?name=Bv8_181350_ouaf.t1
BvPRR7GeneProductdhrx.t1 (Other) http://bvseq.molgen.mpg.de/gb2/gbrowse/RefBeet1_1/?name=0138.scaffold00418%3A210463..221240
Gibberellic AcidPathway

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