WikiPathways Test: Metabolites and Metabolic Interactions (Homo sapiens)

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1-5Metabolite Mapping FilesR03571 (Kegg Reaction)[Should link out to Rhea]Note: Doesn't take directionality into account in pathways.C00019H+VALID IDENTIFIERSMetabolites with identifiers in properly annotated datasources and valid values.Expected output in backpage:- Full list of identifiers- Links out all working- Correct linkouts between old and new ID structure (for HMDB)- Correct names for compoundsSTEP1Version 11 (2019-10-25)Acetic acidOld PubChem DB id1. Double click this Metabolite DataNode and verifythat "Glucose" gives search results.Aspirin (HMDB new IDs)DEPRECATED and/or SECONDARY DATA SOURCESMetabolites with identifiers with deprecated datasource strings.Optional output in the Backpage:- full list of identifiers- links out all workingMetabolites with identifiers with secondary datasource strings.Optional output in the Backpage:- Mapping to primary ID from same datasource- Some mapping to other identifiers - links out all workingSPECIAL METABOLITESThese metabolites are special in some way, for example,because they constitute a metabolite class.Expected output:- 1:n (directed) mappings to HMDB, ChemSpider, etcAspirin (KEGG)Aspirin (ChEBI, number only)Aspirin (CAS)Aspirin (PubChem)Aspirin (ChemSpider)long chain fatty acids (ChEBI)Enterobactin (not in HMDB, no mapping to Wikidata due to secondary ChEBI)Aspirin (ChEBI, with prefix)Old KEGG DB idAspirin (Wikidata)Aspirin (InChIKey)Gibberellin A1 (KNApSAcK)ACE Inhibitor (ChEBI)AcetateAspirin (EPA CompTox)Aspirin (HMDB old IDs)TG(15:0/i-15:0/i-21:0)(HMDB new IDs, no sec.)Armillaramide(HMDB new IDs, one sec.)Aspirin (KEGG-DRUG)Enterobactin (part of HMDB, has mapping to Wikidata due to primary ChEBI)STEP2STEP3STEP4Aspirin (ChEMBL)Aspirin (DrugBank)Aspirin (IUPHAR)Metabolic Interactions Mapping FilesSTEP1C01477C00021C01470VALID IDENTIFIERSReactions with identifiers in properly annotated datasources and valid values (check red coloured interactions).Expected output in backpage:- Original identifiers working- Links out (if available) all workingRXN-14819 (MetaCyc shorthand)[Should link out to Rhea and KEGG]Note: can linkout to multiple IDs for the same database, check directionality!NADP+D-glucopyranose-6-PNADPH6-P D-glucono-1,5-lactoneH+NADP+D-glucopyranose-6-PNADPH6-P D-glucono-1,5-lactoneGLU6PDEHYDROG-RXN (MetaCyc longhand/EcoCyc)[Should link out to Rhea and EcoCyc]Note: Does take directionality into account


This is a test pathway, to be used to test mappings to other databases, old system codes, etc. Each time a new metabolite mapping database is loaded onto the BridgeDb webservice that supports the linking on WikiPathways, this pathway should be opened and tested. The pathway has notes of the expected outcome.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
1. Double click this Metabolite DataNode and verify that "Glucose" gives search results.Metabolite
6-P D-glucono- 1,5-lactoneMetaboliteCHEBI:57955 (ChEBI)
ACE Inhibitor (ChEBI)MetaboliteCHEBI:35457 (ChEBI)
AcetateMetaboliteCHEBI:30089 (ChEBI)
Acetic acidMetaboliteCHEBI:15366 (ChEBI)
Armillaramide (HMDB new IDs, one sec.)MetaboliteHMDB0037105 (HMDB)
Aspirin (CAS)Metabolite50-78-2 (CAS)
Aspirin (ChEBI, number only)Metabolite15365 (ChEBI)
Aspirin (ChEBI, with prefix)MetaboliteCHEBI:15365 (ChEBI)
Aspirin (ChEMBL)MetaboliteCHEMBL25 (ChEMBL compound)
Aspirin (ChemSpider)Metabolite2157 (Chemspider)
Aspirin (DrugBank)MetaboliteDB00945 (DrugBank)
Aspirin (EPA CompTox)MetaboliteDTXSID5020108 (EPA CompTox)
Aspirin (HMDB new IDs)MetaboliteHMDB0001879 (HMDB)
Aspirin (HMDB old IDs)MetaboliteHMDB01879 (HMDB)
Aspirin (IUPHAR)Metabolite4139 (Guide to Pharmacology)
Aspirin (KEGG)MetaboliteC01405 (KEGG Compound)
Aspirin (KEGG-DRUG)MetaboliteD00109 (KEGG Drug)
Aspirin (PubChem)Metabolite2244 (PubChem-compound)
Aspirin (Wikidata)MetaboliteQ18216 (Wikidata)
C00019MetaboliteC00019 (KEGG Compound)
C00021MetaboliteC00021 (KEGG Compound)
C01470MetaboliteC01470 (KEGG Compound)
C01477MetaboliteC01477 (KEGG Compound)
D-gluco pyranose-6-PMetaboliteCHEBI:61548 (ChEBI)
Enterobactin (not in HMDB, no mapping to Wikidata due to secondary ChEBI)MetaboliteCHEBI:4799 (ChEBI)
Enterobactin (part of HMDB, has mapping to Wikidata due to primary ChEBI)MetaboliteCHEBI:28855 (ChEBI)
Gibberellin A1 (KNApSAcK)MetaboliteC00000001 (KNApSAcK)
H+MetaboliteCHEBI:15378 (ChEBI)
NADP+MetaboliteCHEBI:58349 (ChEBI)
NADPHMetaboliteCHEBI:57783 (ChEBI)
Old KEGG DB idMetabolite2244 (Kegg Compound)
Old PubChem DB idMetabolite2244 (PubChem)
TG(15:0/i-15:0/i-21:0) (HMDB new IDs, no sec.)MetaboliteHMDB0101879 (HMDB)
long chain fatty acids (ChEBI)MetaboliteCHEBI:15904 (ChEBI)

Annotated Interactions

SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
C01477C01470mim-conversionR03571 (KEGG Reaction)
D-gluco pyranose-6-P6-P D-glucono- 1,5-lactonemim-conversionGLU6PDEHYDROG-RXN (MetaCyc)
D-gluco pyranose-6-P6-P D-glucono- 1,5-lactonemim-conversionRXN-14819 (MetaCyc)
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