Gastric Cancer Network 2 (Homo sapiens)

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Network generated by mapping candidate oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes identified by integrated analysis of expression array and aCGH data. Network generated by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.

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  1. Fan B, Dachrut S, Coral H, Yuen ST, Chu KM, Law S, Zhang L, Ji J, Leung SY, Chen X; ''Integration of DNA copy number alterations and transcriptional expression analysis in human gastric cancer.''; PLoS One, 2012 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AHCTF1GeneProduct25909 (Entrez Gene)
ATAD2GeneProduct29028 (Entrez Gene)
BRIX1GeneProduct55299 (Entrez Gene)
CACYBPGeneProduct27101 (Entrez Gene)
CD48GeneProduct962 (Entrez Gene)
CEBPZGeneProduct10153 (Entrez Gene)
CHTF18GeneProduct63922 (Entrez Gene)
CHTF8GeneProduct54921 (Entrez Gene)
COL9A1GeneProduct1297 (Entrez Gene)
COL9A3GeneProduct1299 (Entrez Gene)
CTNNB1GeneProduct1499 (Entrez Gene)
DSCC1GeneProduct79075 (Entrez Gene)
EGFRGeneProduct1956 (Entrez Gene)
FAM91A1GeneProduct157769 (Entrez Gene)
FANCIGeneProduct55215 (Entrez Gene)
LBRGeneProduct3930 (Entrez Gene)
LMNB2GeneProduct84823 (Entrez Gene)
MIRLET7EGeneProductENSG00000198972 (Ensembl)
MTDHGeneProduct92140 (Entrez Gene)
MYCGeneProduct4609 (Entrez Gene)
OTUD5GeneProduct55593 (Entrez Gene)
PLAC8GeneProduct51316 (Entrez Gene)
RAD17GeneProduct5884 (Entrez Gene)
RFC3GeneProduct5983 (Entrez Gene)
RFC4GeneProduct5984 (Entrez Gene)
RNF144BGeneProduct255488 (Entrez Gene)
S100A6GeneProduct6277 (Entrez Gene)
SNURFGeneProduct8926 (Entrez Gene)
TOP2AGeneProduct7153 (Entrez Gene)
TP53GeneProduct7157 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2CGeneProduct11065 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2TGeneProduct29089 (Entrez Gene)

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