Vitamin B5 (pantothenate) and CoA biosynthesis Pathway (Zea mays)

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Peroxisome Mitochondria1, 2long chain acyl-coA estersL-glutamatealpha-ketoisovalerateBeta-AlanineGRMZM2G055899valinepantoate transporter2.6.1.42 Plastid2.1.2.11ketopantoate1.1.1.169(R)-pantoatealpha-ketoglutarate5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolatetetrahydrofolate (THF)NADPHNADP(R)-pantoate(R)-pantothenate6.3.2.1ATPADPPPi(R)-4'-phosphopantothenate2.7.1.33AMP(R0-4'-phosphopantothenynoyl-L-cysteine6.3.2.54'-phosphopantetheine4.1.1.36CO23'-dephospho-CoA2.7.7.3CoA2.7.1.24cysteinepantetheinepantethine1/2 GSSHGSHATPADP3'-dephospho-CoACoA2.7.1.24ATPADP3'-dephospho-CoACoA2.7.1.24CoA transporterCoACoA/dephospho-CoA transporterCoA/dephospho-CoA transporterlong chain acyl-coA ester carrier (PXA1)long chain acyl-coA estersGRMZM2G071208GRMZM2G010596GRMZM5G876146GRMZM2G104504GRMZM5G808624GRMZM2G008209GRMZM2G002173GRMZM2G127911GRMZM2G407396AC192244.3_FGP007GRMZM2G071294GRMZM2G102015GRMZM2G043819GRMZM2G060045(R)-pantothenate transporterGRMZM2G043819GRMZM2G102015GRMZM2G043819GRMZM2G102015pantethine transporterpantethine(R)-pantothenate


Pantothenate is the precursor of coenzyme A (CoA), the acyl carrier in scores of reactions. Pantothenate is made in the cytosol from pantoate and β-alanine, then converted to CoA in five steps, all probably cytosolic (Webb and Smith, 2011); the fifth step may also occur in plastids and peroxisomes. The three-step pathway to pantoate is not fully defined, but it is clear that step two, conversion of α-keto-isovalerate to ketopantoate, is mitochondrial (Ottenhof et al., 2004). Step one, α-keto-isovalerate formation from valine, is thus likely catalyzed by a mitochondrial branched chain aminotransferase (Taylor et al., 2004). The enzyme for step three (ketopantoate reduction to pantoate) is not known, so it is unclear whether this step is located in mitochondria or the cytosol. The details of the pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis (especially their compartmentalization) in plants are far from being elucidated. This diagram is an attempt to capture the current state of the field

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  1. Gerdes S, Lerma-Ortiz C, Frelin O, Seaver SM, Henry CS, de Crécy-Lagard V, Hanson AD; ''Plant B Vitamin Pathways and their Compartmentation: a Guide for the Perplexed.''; J Exp Bot, 2012 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Ottenhof HH, Ashurst JL, Whitney HM, Saldanha SA, Schmitzberger F, Gweon HS, Blundell TL, Abell C, Smith AG; ''Organisation of the pantothenate (vitamin B5) biosynthesis pathway in higher plants.''; Plant J, 2004 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(R)-pantothenate transporterGeneProduct
1/2 GSSHMetabolite (Enzyme Nomenclature) (Enzyme Nomenclature) (Enzyme Nomenclature) (Enzyme Nomenclature) (Enzyme Nomenclature)
4'-phosphopantetheineMetabolite (Enzyme Nomenclature)
5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolateMetabolite (Enzyme Nomenclature) (Enzyme Nomenclature)
AC192244.3_FGP007GeneProductAC192244.3_FGP007 (Gramene Maize)
Beta-AlanineMetaboliteCHEBI:16958 (ChEBI)
CoA transporterGeneProduct
CoA/dephospho-CoA transporterGeneProduct
GRMZM2G002173GeneProductGRMZM2G002173 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G008209GeneProductGRMZM2G008209 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G010596GeneProductGRMZM2G010596 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G043819GeneProductGRMZM2G043819 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G055899GeneProductGRMZM2G055899 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G060045GeneProductGRMZM2G060045 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G071208GeneProductGRMZM2G071208 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G071294GeneProductGRMZM2G071294 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G102015GeneProductGRMZM2G102015 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G104504GeneProductGRMZM2G104504 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G127911GeneProductGRMZM2G127911 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM2G407396GeneProductGRMZM2G407396 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM5G808624GeneProductGRMZM5G808624 (Gramene Maize)
GRMZM5G876146GeneProductGRMZM5G876146 (Gramene Maize)
long chain acyl-coA ester carrier (PXA1)GeneProduct
long chain acyl-coA estersMetabolite
pantethine transporterGeneProduct
pantoate transporterGeneProduct
tetrahydrofolate (THF)Metabolite

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