Iron metabolism in placenta (Homo sapiens)

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5, 1113, 22, 231mitochondrionclathrin-coated early endosome foetal liversignal ? Ferritintransporter ? 114, 196, 16, 18basolateralunknown interactionsstimulate??ApicalinhibitpH 6-7?FeIIIIREB2STEAP3foetal HAMP?TFTfR1 RNAHAMPHEPHL1TFR1SLC40A1IRP1FeII3, 2120, 2411268, 15TFR126TFTFR1TF25STEAP3late endosome TFR1TFSTEAP3lysosome2TFR1TFpH 5-6H+?SLC11A2MCOLN110H+FeIIMCOLN110SLC11A26, 14?7foetal TFTFR212TFmaternal liverTF9, 17??FTH1RNAFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIIFeIIFeIIFeIIFeII


During pregnancy, iron is transported from mother to fetus across the placenta. Iron is essential for many biological processes, including the transfer of oxygen in blood, but it can also be toxic. Elaborate and elegant mechanisms have evolved to make sure that the potential for oxidative damage is minimized. This description of Iron pathway through the placenta, and its regulation is purposed to understand the effect of Iron deficiency or Iron overload of the mother on the fetus.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
FTH1RNARnaENSG00000167996 (Ensembl)
FeIIMetabolite15438-31-0 (CAS)
FeIIIMetabolite20074-52-6 (CAS)
HAMPProteinENSG00000105697 (Ensembl)
HEPHL1GeneProductENSG00000181333 (Ensembl)
IREB2GeneProductENSG00000136381 (Ensembl)
IRP1GeneProductENSG00000122729 (Ensembl)
MCOLN1GeneProductENSG00000090674 (Ensembl)
SLC11A2GeneProductENSG00000110911 (Ensembl)
SLC40A1GeneProductENSG00000138449 (Ensembl)
STEAP3GeneProductENSG00000115107 (Ensembl)
TFProteinENSG00000091513 (Ensembl) Transferrin
TFR1ProteinENSG00000072274 (Ensembl) Transferrin receptor
TFR2GeneProductENSG00000106327 (Ensembl) Transferrin receptor
TfR1 RNARnaENSG00000072274 (Ensembl)
foetal HAMP?ProteinENSG00000105697 (Ensembl) HAMP
foetal TFProteinENSG00000091513 (Ensembl) Transferrin

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