Integrated breast cancer pathway (Homo sapiens)

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4181131312161027155196818920G2BASC ComplexSG1MCell Cycle14, 17, 20Lithium ChlorideFulvestrantPPRB/RBAnastrozoleCCND1DonepezilLetrozoleCDK4UBIMBMPR2CDH1CHK2HydroxyureaSIRT1PTENANXA1HDAC1PMLPIAS1fra-1JKIP1CTNB1RAD50NCOA2Anti-ApoptosisBLMDHTWEE1FlutamideCell proliferationAHRRAC1RASGRP3CorticosteroneE2F1TamoxifenTCF/LEFBRAFGADD45AAngiogenesisNF1SP1ABC3GE2F1SMAD7GRMDM2Q8NBS1SMAD3CASP3HDAC1/HDAC2CASP3CDC25ABRCA2Gene ExpressionBACH1Proliferative genesMTORP53SMEK1RALASMAD6CREBCell SurvivalPLK3CANOXA1ERKBleomycinMPIP2TranscriptionLapatnibFADDFOXO1P53P85AHIPK2CIP1RHOCDK2PRHDAC1FLIP1DNASELKFluoxymesteroneRAFC9JNK1Cell Cycle arrestATMSTAT1SMAD4AmpicillinP38RAD51TestosteroneJUNMRE11DihydrotestosteronePAK1GSK3AUBP16WEE1MMP1BARD1PHBCancer DevelopmentITPKCIKKARAD54LTAK1LODC1NAB1RRASUBP15TAB1Conjugated Estrogenscyc-DC9JNK1STK11MAXGRNTetradecanoylphorbol AcetateESR1CASP9RHEBNocodazoleSMAD2CycloheximideATF1BRCA1UBE2FATMDCAKDAQP73XRCC3ATRCERKSMAD4CDK2EGFRATRPLK1RRASERPPARP65RALGAPA1UBP21B5MEC1ALKB1BADPKCB1MSH6ProteinC9JNK1CSNK1DTGFR1DAG1CYP19A1RASGEF1APenicillin GTFPIBIDFADDP13P85MYT1UBP21SMCA4BCL2ABL1ApoptosisCBPCERK1TGFR2SMEK2TSC1IMPA1P13KMethyl MethanesulfonateCASP8TRADDIPKAJAK1MDM2BRCA1HydrocortisonePLK3MPIP1ZMIZ1MYCNFKB1CDK7RRASBADRPP38TSC2IKKAARBMPR1ABARD1ProteasomeBAXAURKAGCRSMAD7SMEK1MitomycinPaclitaxelAKT1CDC42CHK1MYCJUNMAPKsCTNB1 degradationKRASBAKDexamethasoneANDREstradiolApoptosisPlicamycinCERK1TSC1ERAL1IRS1GDIVEGFAExemstaneMSH2RHONCOA3ATRRaloxifeneB3KP27AKT1EP300SMAD1RAP1ACell survival and Proliferation1


This pathway incorporates the most important proteins for Breast Cancer. The Rp score from the Connectivity-Maps (C-Maps) webserver was used to determine the rank of the most important proteins in Breast Cancer. These proteins were then used to determine the most important pathways involved in Breast Cancer by using the Human Pathway Database (HPD). The pathways retrieved from the Human Pathway Database were from several sources such as Protein Lounge, BioCarta, KEGG, and NCI-Nature. The pathways were then annotated. Protein-protein relations for the most important proteins for Breast Cancer were determined by annotating the pathways and by literature review. The protein-protein interactions are mapped onto this pathway.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABC3GProteinQ9HC16 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ABL1GeneProductENSG00000097007 (Ensembl)
AHRGeneProductENSG00000106546 (Ensembl)
AKT1ProteinP31749 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ALKB1ProteinQ13686 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ANDRProteinP10275 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ANXA1GeneProductENSG00000135046 (Ensembl)
AQP73ProteinA6NL99 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ARProteinQ9UNE0 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ATF1ProteinP18846 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ATMProteinQ13315 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ATRProteinQ13535 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
AURKAGeneProductENSG00000087586 (Ensembl)
B3KP27ProteinB3KP27 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
B5MEC1ProteinB5MEC1 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BACH1ProteinO14867 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BADProteinQ92934 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BAKProteinQ16611 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BARD1GeneProduct580 (Entrez Gene)
BARD1GeneProductENSG00000138376 (Ensembl)
BAXGeneProductENSG00000087088 (Ensembl)
BCL2ProteinP10415 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BIDProteinP55957 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BLMProteinP54132 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BMPR1AGeneProductENSG00000107779 (Ensembl)
BMPR2ProteinQ13873 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BRAFProteinP15056 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BRCA1ProteinP38398 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
BRCA2GeneProductENSG00000139618 (Ensembl)
C9JNK1ProteinC9JNK1 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CASP3GeneProductENSG00000164305 (Ensembl)
CASP8GeneProductENSG00000064012 (Ensembl)
CASP9GeneProductENSG00000132906 (Ensembl)
CBPGeneProductENSG00000005810 (Ensembl)
CCND1ProteinP24385 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CDC25AGeneProduct993 (Entrez Gene)
CDC42GeneProductENSG00000070831 (Ensembl)
CDH1GeneProductENSG00000039068 (Ensembl)
CDK2ProteinP24941 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CDK4ProteinP11802 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CDK7GeneProduct1022 (Entrez Gene)
CERK1ProteinQ8TCT0 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CERKGeneProduct64781 (Entrez Gene)
CHK1ProteinO14757 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CHK2ProteinO96017 (Uniprot/TrEMBL) Phosphorylated
CIP1ProteinQ9NPC3 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CREBGeneProductENSG00000118260 (Ensembl)
CSNK1DGeneProductENSG00000141551 (Ensembl)
CTNB1 degradation
CTNB1ProteinP35222 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
CYP19A1GeneProductENSG00000137869 (Ensembl)
Cancer Development
Cell Cycle arrest
Cell Survival
Cell proliferation
Cell survival and Proliferation
Conjugated Estrogens
DAG1GeneProductENSG00000173402 (Ensembl)
DCAKDProteinQ8WVC6 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
DHTGeneProductENSG00000181192 (Ensembl)
DihydrotestosteroneMetaboliteHMDB02961 (HMDB)
E2F1GeneProduct1869 (Entrez Gene)
E2F1ProteinQ01094 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
EGFRProteinP00533 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
EP300GeneProductENSG00000100393 (Ensembl)
ERAL1GeneProductENSG00000132591 (Ensembl)
ERKGeneProduct64781 (Entrez Gene)
ERProteinP16591 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
ESR1GeneProductENSG00000091831 (Ensembl)
FADDGeneProductENSG00000168040 (Ensembl)
FADDProteinQ13158 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
FLIP1ProteinQ7Z7B0 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
FOXO1GeneProductENSG00000150907 (Ensembl)
GADD45AGeneProductENSG00000116717 (Ensembl)
GCRGeneProductENSG00000113161 (Ensembl)
GDIGeneProduct2664 (Entrez Gene)
GR ProteinP01833 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
GRNGeneProductENSG00000030582 (Ensembl)
GSK3AProteinP49840 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
Gene Expression
HDAC1/HDAC2GeneProductENSG00000116478 (Ensembl)
HDAC1ProteinQ13547 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
HIPK2ProteinQ9H2X6 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
IKKAProteinO15111 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
IMPA1GeneProductENSG00000133731 (Ensembl)
IPKAProteinP61925 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
IRS1GeneProductENSG00000169047 (Ensembl)
ITPKCGeneProductENSG00000086544 (Ensembl)
JAK1ProteinP23458 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
JKIP1ProteinQ96N16 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
JUNGeneProductENSG00000177606 (Ensembl)
KRASGeneProductENSG00000133703 (Ensembl)
Lithium Chloride
MAPKsGeneProduct5594 (Entrez Gene)
MAXProteinP61244 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MDM2ProteinQ00987 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MMP1ProteinP03956 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MPIP1ProteinP30304 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MPIP2 ProteinP30305 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MRE11ProteinP49959 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MSH2ProteinP43246 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MSH6ProteinP52701 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MTORGeneProductENSG00000198793 (Ensembl)
MYCProteinP01106 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
MYT1ProteinQ01538 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
Methyl Methanesulfonate
NAB1ProteinQ13506 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
NCOA2GeneProductENSG00000124151 (Ensembl)
NCOA3GeneProductENSG00000124151 (Ensembl)
NF1ProteinP21359 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
NFKB1 ProteinP19838 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
NOXA1ProteinQ86UR1 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
P13KGeneProductENSG00000229882 (Ensembl)
P13ProteinQ9UHV8 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
P38GeneProduct84640 (Entrez Gene)
P53ProteinP04637 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
P65 ProteinC9JP65 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
P85AGeneProductENSG00000125450 (Ensembl)
P85ProteinO00459 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PAK1ProteinQ13153 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PHBGeneProductENSG00000167085 (Ensembl)
PIAS1ProteinO75925 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PKCB1ProteinQ9ULU4 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PLK1ProteinP53350 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PLK3CAGeneProduct1263 (Entrez Gene)
PLK3GeneProductENSG00000173846 (Ensembl)
PMLProteinP29590 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PPRB/RBProteinP06400 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PRProteinP12270 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
PTENProteinP60484 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
Penicillin G
Proliferative genes
Q8NBS1ProteinQ8NBS1 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RAC1ProteinP63000 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RAD50ProteinQ92878 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RAD51ProteinQ06609 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RAD54LGeneProductENSG00000085999 (Ensembl)
RAFProteinP10398 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RALAProteinP11233 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RALGAPA1GeneProductENSG00000174373 (Ensembl)
RAP1AGeneProductENSG00000116473 (Ensembl)
RASGEF1AGeneProduct221002 (Entrez Gene)
RASGRP3GeneProductENSG00000152689 (Ensembl)
RHEBProteinQ15382 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
RHOGeneProduct6010 (Entrez Gene)
RHOGeneProductENSG00000163914 (Ensembl)
RPP38GeneProductENSG00000152464 (Ensembl)
RRASProteinP10301 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SELKProteinQ9Y6D0 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SIRT1ProteinQ96EB6 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD1ProteinQ15797 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD2ProteinQ15796 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD3ProteinQ13485 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD4ProteinQ13485 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD4ProteinQ15796 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD6ProteinO43541 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMAD7ProteinO15105 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMCA4ProteinP51532 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
SMEK1GeneProductENSG00000100796 (Ensembl)
SMEK2GeneProductENSG00000138041 (Ensembl)
SP1GeneProductENSG00000185591 (Ensembl)
STAT1ProteinP42224 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
STK11GeneProductENSG00000118046 (Ensembl)
TAB1ProteinQ15750 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TAK1LProteinP57077 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TFPIGeneProductENSG00000003436 (Ensembl)
TGFR1ProteinP36897 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TGFR2ProteinP37173 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TRADDProteinQ15628 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TSC1GeneProductENSG00000165699 (Ensembl)
TSC1ProteinQ92574 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
TSC2GeneProductENSG00000103197 (Ensembl)
Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate
UBE2FProteinQ969M7 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
UBIMProteinP35544 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
UBP15ProteinQ9Y4E8 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
UBP16ProteinQ9Y5T5 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
UBP21ProteinQ9UK80 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
VEGFAGeneProductENSG00000112715 (Ensembl)
WEE1ProteinP30291 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)
XRCC3GeneProductENSG00000126215 (Ensembl)
ZMIZ1ProteinQ9ULJ6 (Uniprot/TrEMBL)

Annotated Interactions

No annotated interactions

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