Opioid Signalling (Homo sapiens)

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18, 30, 32125252526, 33, 442728, 316, 920, 37411, 258, 1623, 2925254, 40, 5117, 19, 3924335241946113, 10, 21, 5214, 48245, 5047154222, 3436153849, 531325cytosolendoplasmic reticulum lumennucleoplasmIP3 receptor:IP3 complexactive CalmodulinADPCalciumATPOrthophosphateG alpha-olf:GDP complexPhosphorylated (T34) DARPP-32:PP1ADARPP-32 phosporylated on T34cAMP:PKA regulatory subunitG alpha-olf:GDP complexGDPPKA catalytic subunitAMPdiacylglycerolsAMPPP2B complexG protein alpha:GTP complexactive PKC (alpha, gamma, delta)IP3 receptor homotetramerActivated ERK2active Cam-PDE 1ATPGDPOrthophosphate(Gi alpha1:GTP:Adenylate cyclase):(G alpha-olf:GDP)pyrophosphateATPG-protein alpha:GDPADPPhosphatidyl cholineAdenylate cyclase (Mg2+ cofactor)Active CalmodulinH2ODARPP-32 (for CDK5 phosphorylation)ATPGRK2phospho-GRK2ADPH2OGRK2:calmodulinpyrophosphateOpioid:MOR:G protein-GTP complexH2OCREB2-LysophosphatidylcholineGTP3',5'-Cyclic AMPGTPG-protein beta-gamma complexDARPP-32 phosphorylated on Thr75ADPphospho-CREBPP2A-ABdeltaC complexOpioid:MORcPLA2G alpha-olf:GTP:Adenylate cyclase (active) complexCalmodulin:CaMK IVArachidonatePKA tetramerATPADPPLC-betaADPCalciumcAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4BG alpha-olf:GDP:Adenylate cyclase (active) complexATPCalmodulin:CaMK IVProtein Kinase A, catalytic subunitsSerine/threonine protein phosphatase PP1-alpha 1 catalytic subunitphospho-CaMK IV:CalmodulinG-protein alpha (i):GTP:Adenylate cyclaseG protein-GDP complexphospho-CREBOpioid peptideOrthophosphateCaMKIVActive PLA2:phosphatidylcholineCam-PDE 1 homodimerH2OCDK5PP2B catalytic (Fe3+, Zn2+)Activated PLC beta 1/4ATP3',5'-Cyclic AMPPDE 4(Gi alpha1:GDP:Adenylate cyclase):(G alpha-olf:GDP)Mu-type opioid receptorG-protein alpha (i):GDPOrthophosphateAdenylate cyclase (Mg2+ cofactor)Adenylate cyclase (Mg2+ cofactor)Phosphorylated cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4BG-protein alpha (i): GTPphospho-CREB dimerphospho-cPLA2H2OG alpha-olf:GTPDARPP-32 (and/or phosphorylated)Orthophosphate3',5'-Cyclic AMP1-Phosphatidyl-D-myo-inositol 4,5-bisphosphateADPPKA catalytic subunitG-protein alpha (i/o/z/t) subunitH2O(Gi alpha1:GTP:Adenylate cyclase):(G alpha-olf:GTP)Opioid:MOR:G protein-GDP complex3',5'-Cyclic AMP1D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphateATPPP2B catalytic (Fe3+, Zn2+):Active CalmodulinCalmodulinAdenylate cyclase (Mg2+ cofactor)cAMP-dependent protein kinase, alpha-catalytic subunitPhosphorylated (Thr75) DARPP-32:PKAOpioid:MOR:G-protein complexCREBPhosphatidylcholineATP7


Opioids are chemical substances similar to opiates, the active substances found in opium (morphine, codeine etc.). Opioid action is mediated by the receptors for endogenous opioids; peptides such as the enkephalins, the endorphins or the dynorphins. Opioids possess powerful analgesic and sedative effects, and are widely used as pain-killers. Their main side-effect is the rapid establishment of a strong addiction. Opioids receptors are G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR). There are four classes of receptors: mu (MOR), kappa (KOR) and delta (DOR), and the nociceptin receptor (NOP).

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(Gi alpha1:GDP:

Adenylate cyclase): (G alpha-olf:GDP)

ComplexREACT_15896 (Reactome)
(Gi alpha1:GTP:

Adenylate cyclase): (G alpha-olf:GDP)

ComplexREACT_15853 (Reactome)
(Gi alpha1:GTP:

Adenylate cyclase): (G alpha-olf:GTP)

ComplexREACT_15996 (Reactome)

D-myo-inositol 4,5-bisphosphate

18348 (ChEBI)


Metabolite16595 (ChEBI)

Lysophosphatidylcholi ne

Metabolite17504 (ChEBI)
3',5'-Cyclic AMP Metabolite17489 (ChEBI)
ADP Metabolite16761 (ChEBI)
AMP Metabolite16027 (ChEBI)
ATP Metabolite15422 (ChEBI)
Activated ERK2 ProteinP28482 (UniProt)
Activated PLC beta


ComplexREACT_15568 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_3178 (Reactome)
Active PLA2:


ComplexREACT_15631 (Reactome)
Adenylate cyclase

(Mg2+ cofactor)

ComplexREACT_17689 (Reactome)
Arachidonate Metabolite15843 (ChEBI)
CDK5 ProteinQ00535 (UniProt)
CREB ProteinP16220 (UniProt)
CaMKIV ProteinQ16566 (UniProt)
Calcium Metabolite29108 (ChEBI)
Calmodulin ProteinP62158 (UniProt)
Calmodulin:CaMK IV ComplexREACT_15739 (Reactome)
Calmodulin:CaMK IV ComplexREACT_15747 (Reactome)
Cam-PDE 1


ComplexREACT_5507 (Reactome)

phosphorylated on Thr75

ProteinREACT_16096 (Reactome)

phosporylated on T34

ProteinREACT_15578 (Reactome)
DARPP-32 (and/or


ProteinREACT_17763 (Reactome)
DARPP-32 (for CDK5


ProteinREACT_17935 (Reactome)
G alpha-olf:GDP


ComplexREACT_17352 (Reactome)
G alpha-olf:GDP:

Adenylate cyclase (active) complex

ComplexREACT_15796 (Reactome)
G alpha-olf:GTP ComplexREACT_16015 (Reactome)
G alpha-olf:GTP:

Adenylate cyclase (active) complex

ComplexREACT_17212 (Reactome)
G protein alpha:GTP


ComplexREACT_17389 (Reactome)
G protein-GDP


ComplexREACT_15793 (Reactome)
G-protein alpha


ComplexREACT_19806 (Reactome)
G-protein alpha

(i):GTP:Adenylate cyclase

ComplexREACT_19914 (Reactome)
G-protein alpha

(i/o/z/t) subunit

ProteinREACT_16054 (Reactome)
G-protein alpha (i):


ComplexREACT_19580 (Reactome)
G-protein alpha:GDP ComplexREACT_17952 (Reactome)
G-protein beta-

gamma complex

ComplexREACT_15674 (Reactome)
GDP Metabolite17552 (ChEBI)
GRK2 ProteinP25098 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_17570 (Reactome)
GTP Metabolite15996 (ChEBI)
H2O Metabolite15377 (ChEBI)
IP3 receptor


ComplexREACT_12247 (Reactome)
IP3 receptor:IP3


ComplexREACT_12249 (Reactome)
Mu-type opioid


ProteinP35372 (UniProt)
Opioid peptide ProteinREACT_15976 (Reactome)
Opioid:MOR ComplexREACT_15680 (Reactome)

protein-GDP complex

ComplexREACT_15815 (Reactome)

protein-GTP complex

ComplexREACT_15831 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_15585 (Reactome)
Orthophosphate Metabolite18367 (ChEBI)
PDE 4 REACT_5541 (Reactome) cAMP selective hydrolase
PKA catalytic subunit ProteinREACT_3031 (Reactome)
PKA tetramer ComplexREACT_5749 (Reactome)
PLC-beta ProteinREACT_15673 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_5648 (Reactome)
PP2B catalytic (Fe3+,


ComplexREACT_18243 (Reactome)
PP2B catalytic (Fe3+,

Zn2+):Active Calmodulin

ComplexREACT_17373 (Reactome)
PP2B complex ComplexREACT_17149 (Reactome)
Phosphatidyl choline Metabolite16110 (ChEBI)
Phosphatidylcholine 16110 (ChEBI)

(Thr75) DARPP- 32:PKA

ComplexREACT_17157 (Reactome)

cAMP-specific 3',5'- cyclic phosphodiesterase 4B

ProteinQ07343 (UniProt)
Phosphorylated (T34)


ComplexREACT_17348 (Reactome)
Protein Kinase A,

catalytic subunits

ProteinREACT_2480 (Reactome)

protein phosphatase PP1-alpha 1 catalytic subunit

ProteinP62136 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_10340 (Reactome)
active Cam-PDE 1 ComplexREACT_3728 (Reactome)
active PKC

(alpha, gamma, delta)

ComplexREACT_16103 (Reactome)

protein kinase, alpha-catalytic subunit

ProteinP17612 (UniProt)
cAMP-specific 3',5'-

cyclic phosphodiesterase 4B

ProteinQ07343 (UniProt)
cAMP:PKA regulatory


ComplexREACT_4571 (Reactome)
cPLA2 ProteinP47712 (UniProt)
diacylglycerols Metabolite18035 (ChEBI)
phospho-CREB ProteinP16220 (UniProt)
phospho-CREB dimer ComplexREACT_17630 (Reactome)
phospho-CaMK IV:


ComplexREACT_15743 (Reactome)
phospho-GRK2 ProteinP25098 (UniProt)
phospho-cPLA2 ProteinP47712 (UniProt)
pyrophosphate Metabolite29888 (ChEBI)

Annotated Interactions

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