Cholesterol Biosynthesis Pathway (Homo sapiens)

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1-7Fatty Acid DegradationMevalonic acid 5-pyrophosphateSC5DLMevalonic acid-5PSQLEisopentenyl pyrophosphateGeranyl-PPDHCR7CholesterolLSSSC4MOL(S)-2,3-Epoxysqualenefarnesyl pyrophosphateMVDMVKFDFT1HMG-CoAHMGCS1NSDHLAcetyl-CoAMevalonic acidLathosterolDimethylallylpyrophosphate7-DehydrocholesterolHMGCRLanosterinPMVKCYP51A1IDI1SqualeneFDPSFDPS


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  1. Porter FD; ''Malformation syndromes due to inborn errors of cholesterol synthesis.''; J Clin Invest, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(S)-2,3-EpoxysqualeneMetabolite9029-62-3 (CAS)
7-DehydrocholesterolMetabolite434-16-2 (CAS)
Acetyl-CoAMetabolite72-89-9 (CAS)
CYP51A1GeneProduct1595 (Entrez Gene)
CholesterolMetabolite57-88-5 (CAS)
DHCR7GeneProduct1717 (Entrez Gene)
DimethylallylpyrophosphateMetabolite358-72-5 (CAS)
FDFT1GeneProduct2222 (Entrez Gene)
FDPSGeneProduct2224 (Entrez Gene)
Geranyl-PPMetabolite6699-20-3 (CAS)
HMGCRGeneProduct3156 (Entrez Gene)
HMGCS1GeneProduct3157 (Entrez Gene)
IDI1GeneProduct3422 (Entrez Gene)
LSSGeneProduct4047 (Entrez Gene)
LanosterinMetabolite79-63-0 (CAS)
LathosterolMetabolite80-99-9 (CAS)
MVDGeneProduct4597 (Entrez Gene)
MVKGeneProduct4598 (Entrez Gene)
Mevalonic acid 5-pyrophosphateMetabolite1492-08-6 (CAS)
Mevalonic acid-5PMetabolite73566-35-5 (CAS)
Mevalonic acidMetabolite150-97-0 (CAS)
NSDHLGeneProduct50814 (Entrez Gene) NAD(P) dependent steroid dehydrogenase-like
PMVKGeneProduct10654 (Entrez Gene)
SC4MOLGeneProduct6307 (Entrez Gene)
SC5DLGeneProduct6309 (Entrez Gene)
SQLEGeneProduct6713 (Entrez Gene)
SqualeneMetabolite111-02-4 (CAS)
farnesyl pyrophosphateMetabolite13058-04-3 (CAS)
isopentenyl pyrophosphateMetabolite358-71-4 (CAS)

Annotated Interactions

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