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1-31, 2, 14, 153, 632, 1922, 18, 191, 7-91, 2, 242, 171622, 25, 261, 2, 232, 2222, 20, 212, 12, 1332, 10, 111, 2, 223, 62endoplasmic reticulum lumenGolgi lumencytosolextracellular regionPhospho PDGF beta receptor: PDGF chain B homodimerPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:CrkC3G isoform 1PDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:PLC-gammaCleaved novel PDGF fragmentsGDPH2OATPNovel PDGF precursor dimers (CC, DD)Cleaved classical PDGF peptidesADPPDGF beta receptor:PDGF chain B homodimerPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:SrcPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:Grb7PDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:Grb2:Sos1RAF activationSRCATPADPCrk isoformsPDGF precursor dimers (AA, BB, A/B, CC, DD)PI3Kp130Casserine-type endopeptidases involved in novel PDGF processingPDGF:phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:STATPhospholipase C gamma 1ADPPhosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphateATPActive PDGF dimers (CC, DD)furinPhosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphateATPGRB2:SOS1SHP2Ras GTPase-activating protein 1PDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimerp21 RAS:GDPADPPhospho-beta receptor homodimer:GAPPDGF receptor monomerPDGF:PDGF receptor dimerPDGF A and B chains:ECM complexPDGF:Phospho-PDGFR receptor dimer:NckActive PDGF dimers (AA, AB, BB)Extracellular matrix ligandsNovel PDGF precursor dimers (CC, DD)MAP kinase cascadePhospho PDGF alpha receptor:PDGF dimersPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:Crk:p130Cas:C3GPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:phospho-SrcPDGF precursor dimers (AA, BB, A/B, CC, DD)STAT family membersPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:PI3KNCKPDGF alpha/beta:PDGF AB and BB dimersPDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:SHP21D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphatePDGF A and B chains with retention motifClassical PDGF precursor dimers (AA, AB, BB)Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphateGTPADPPhospho PDGF alpha-beta dimer:PDGF AB or BB dimersATPGrb7PDGF alpha receptor: PDGF dimersdiacylglycerolsp21 RAS:GTP54


Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) is a potent stimulator of growth and motility of connective tissue cells such as fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells as well as other cells such as capillary endothelial cells and neurons.The PDGF family of growth factors is composed of four different polypeptide chains encoded by four different genes. The classical PDGF chains, PDGF-A and PDGF-B, and more recently discovered PDGF-C and PDGF-D. The four PDGF chains assemble into disulphide-bonded dimers via homo- or heterodimerization, and five different dimeric isoforms have been described so far; PDGF-AA, PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, PDGF-CC and PDGF-DD. It is notable that no heterodimers involving PDGF-C and PDGF-D chains have been described. PDGF exerts its effects by binding to, and activating, two protein tyrosine kinase (PTK) receptors, alpha and beta. These receptors dimerize and undergo autophosphorylation. The phosphorylation sites then attract downstream effectors to transduct the signal into the cell.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment


Metabolite16595 (ChEBI)
ADP Metabolite16761 (ChEBI)
ATP Metabolite15422 (ChEBI)
Active PDGF dimers

(AA, AB, BB)

ComplexREACT_17845 (Reactome)
Active PDGF dimers

(CC, DD)

ComplexREACT_17802 (Reactome)
C3G isoform 1 ProteinQ13905-1 (UniProt)
Classical PDGF

precursor dimers (AA, AB, BB)

ComplexREACT_17671 (Reactome)
Cleaved classical

PDGF peptides

ProteinREACT_17262 (Reactome)
Cleaved novel PDGF


ProteinREACT_18041 (Reactome)
Crk isoforms ProteinREACT_17492 (Reactome)
Extracellular matrix


ProteinREACT_17129 (Reactome)
GDP Metabolite17552 (ChEBI)


ComplexREACT_4435 (Reactome)
GTP Metabolite15996 (ChEBI)
Grb7 ProteinQ14451 (UniProt)
H2O Metabolite15377 (ChEBI)
MAP kinase


PathwayREACT_634 (Reactome) The MAP kinase cascade describes a sequence of phosphorylation events involving serine/threonine-specific protein kinases. Used by various signal transduction pathways, this cascade constitutes a common 'module' in the transmission of an extracellular signal into the nucleus.
NCK ProteinREACT_17190 (Reactome)
Novel PDGF

precursor dimers (CC, DD)

ComplexREACT_17079 (Reactome)
Novel PDGF

precursor dimers (CC, DD)

ComplexREACT_17162 (Reactome)
PDGF A and B chains

with retention motif

ProteinREACT_17714 (Reactome)
PDGF A and B chains:

ECM complex

ComplexREACT_17710 (Reactome)
PDGF alpha

receptor: PDGF dimers

ComplexREACT_17393 (Reactome)
PDGF alpha/beta:

PDGF AB and BB dimers

ComplexREACT_17544 (Reactome)
PDGF beta receptor:

PDGF chain B homodimer

ComplexREACT_17457 (Reactome)
PDGF precursor

dimers (AA, BB, A/B, CC, DD)

ComplexREACT_17541 (Reactome)
PDGF precursor

dimers (AA, BB, A/B, CC, DD)

ComplexREACT_17912 (Reactome)
PDGF receptor


ProteinREACT_18211 (Reactome)
PDGF:PDGF receptor


ComplexREACT_18025 (Reactome)

PDGFR receptor dimer:Nck

ComplexREACT_17490 (Reactome)

receptor dimer

ComplexREACT_17756 (Reactome)

receptor dimer: phospho-Src

ComplexREACT_17206 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:Crk

ComplexREACT_17941 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:Crk: p130Cas:C3G

ComplexREACT_17351 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:Grb2: Sos1

ComplexREACT_18248 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:Grb7

ComplexREACT_17607 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:PI3K

ComplexREACT_17825 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:PLC- gamma

ComplexREACT_17327 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:SHP2

ComplexREACT_17654 (Reactome)

receptor dimer:Src

ComplexREACT_18132 (Reactome)

PDGF receptor dimer:STAT

ComplexREACT_17883 (Reactome)
PI3K ComplexREACT_4240 (Reactome)


Metabolite16618 (ChEBI)


Metabolite18348 (ChEBI)
Phospho PDGF

alpha-beta dimer: PDGF AB or BB dimers

ComplexREACT_17875 (Reactome)
Phospho PDGF alpha

receptor:PDGF dimers

ComplexREACT_17261 (Reactome)
Phospho PDGF beta

receptor: PDGF chain B homodimer

ComplexREACT_17403 (Reactome)

receptor homodimer:GAP

ComplexREACT_17783 (Reactome)
Phospholipase C

gamma 1

ProteinP19174 (UniProt)
RAF activation PathwayREACT_2077 (Reactome) Phosphorylated RAF is activated by Ras binding and stabilised in its active form by transient disassociation and reassociation of 14-3-3, as well as further phosphorylation.
Ras GTPase-

activating protein 1

ProteinP20936 (UniProt)
SHP2 ProteinQ06124 (UniProt)
SRC ProteinP12931-1 (UniProt)
STAT family


ProteinREACT_17706 (Reactome)
diacylglycerols Metabolite18035 (ChEBI)
furin ProteinP09958 (UniProt)
p130Cas ProteinP56945 (UniProt)
p21 RAS:GDP ComplexREACT_2657 (Reactome)
p21 RAS:GTP ComplexREACT_4782 (Reactome)

endopeptidases involved in novel PDGF processing

UnknownREACT_17837 (Reactome)

Annotated Interactions

No annotated interactions

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