Semaphorin interactions (Homo sapiens)

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3, 4, 10, 17, 2350, 547, 5234, 37, 42, 5119, 22214936, 41, 43, 45, 562, 25, 291, 24, 5737, 42, 5127, 31269, 35266, 5514, 32, 481613, 30, 481833, 3912, 15, 4851585, 8, 19, 404411, 2028, 38, 46, 47, 5331, 422, 29cytosolcytosolcytosolcytosolcytosolpCofilin: ActiveLIMK-1PLXNC1 PLXNA2 R-Ras-GDPPLXNA2 SEMA6A GTP PAK2 ADPPLXNA1 p-T509,T514,S518,S522-DPYSL3 MYH10 R-Ras-GTPp-Y-PLXNA2 GTP HSP90AB1 MYL9 PLXND1 GTP SEMA3A FARP2:PIP5KIgammaDPYSL2 PAK3 SEMA6D p-Y-PLXNA2 ATPATPMYH9 p-S,T508-LIMK1 ROCK2 SEMA3A:PLXND1GTP SEMA4D NRP1 ROCK1 SEMA4AMyrG-CDK5R1(2-307) p-Y-PLXNA3 PLXNA2 CFL1ATPDPYSL5 Sema4D:pPlexin-B1:ErbB2:Rac1:Rnd1GTP p-Y-PLXNA4 CDC42 Active LIMK1MYH9 SEMA7A:Integrinalpha1beta1p-Y-PLXNA3 RAC1 SEMA5A FARP2 TYROBP RND1 ATPp-Y-PLXNB1 SEMA4D ADPATPMYH14 PLXNB1 ERBB2 p-Y-PLXNA1 SEMA4D p-S544-DPYSL4 NRP1 MET RAC1:GDPSEMA3A p-Y-PLXNB1 GTP SEMA4A p-Y-CRMP1 p-T505-LIMK2 RAC1 PLXNA3 p-S3-CFL1 SEMA4D p-T19,S20-MYL12B GTPPLXNA1 RAC1 PLXND1SEMA7A PiPAK1,2,3SEMA3A p-S144,T423-PAK1 CRMP's tetramersRRAS GTP ADPPLXNA1 p-T508-LIMK1 FYN LIM KinasesFESHSP90AA1 MET PLXNA2 FES ERBB2 p-Y-PLXNB1 p-Y-DPYSL2 PLXNA4 FARP2SEMA5ASEMA7A FYN RhoA,B,C:GDPPAK3 NRP1 MYH10 p-Y-PLXNB1 RRAS RHOA ADPADPGTP PLXNA3 p-Y-PLXNA2 NRP1 p-Y-PLXNB1 ActivatedROCK:RhoA/B/C:GTPRHOA p-Y-PLXNA1 SEMA4D dimerROCK1 RHOB PLXNA1 GTP DPYSL3 PLXNA2 Smoothmuscle/non-musclemyosin IIRHOA p-Y-PLXNA4 MYH14 GTP Sema3A dimerp-S522-DPYSL3 FYN MET PLXNA1 FYN Sema4D:pPlexin-B1:Met:RAC1-GTPp-Y-PLXNA3 MYH11 MYL12B Plexin-A1-4:FYNp-S534-DPYSL5 LARG and PDZ-RhoGEFSEMA4D:CD72PLXNA3 FYN p-Y-PLXNA3 p-S522-DPYSL2 SEMA3E GTP PIP5K1gamma:Talin-1PLXNA2 PLXNA4 GTP FYN CDK5 SEMA4A:PLXND1p-T19,S20-MYL9 FYN GTP RND1 PLXNA3 FYN GDP ITGB1 p-S544-DPYSL4 SEMA7ARRAS R-Ras-GTPATPRAC1 p-Y-PLXNA4 FES p-Y-PLXNA3 SEMA3A PiSema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Rac1-GTP:PAKPLXNA4 PLXNA3 PLXNA2 ARHGAP35RHOA ARHGEF11 PLXNA4 FYN RHOG NRP1 GDPSEMA3A Sema4D:Plexin-B1:Rac-Rnd1:LARG/PDZ-RhoGEFATPRND1 RHOA pLIMK dimer:HSP-90SEMA4D PLXNC1RhoA (Mgcofactor):GTPGTP Sema3A:Nrp-1:pPlexinA:Fyn:Fes:Rac-1-GTPRND1 RAC1 GTP PIP5K1C p-Y-PLXNB1 ARHGEF12 RAC1:GTPADPFES p-T509,T514,S518,S522-CRMP1 MET CDC42 RND1 RHOB ADPp-Y-PLXNA4 Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Rac1-GTP:pPAKMYL6 PLXNA4 Sema3A:NRP-1:pPlexin-A:Fyn:FesPTPRCSEMA4D MyrG-CDK5R1(2-307) FES PLXNA3 PLXNA2,PLXNA4PLXNA3 Sema4D:Plexin-B1:p190RhoGAP:Rac:Rnd1CD72 GDPSEMA4DSEMA4D ADPSema3A:Nrp-1:pPlexinA:Fyn:Fes:Rac-1-GTP:Rnd1p-T509,T514,S518,S522-DPYSL2 Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fyn:pCdk5RHOG FYN MyrG-CDK5R1(2-307) MET PLXNA2 Integrin alpha1beta1SEMA4D PAK1 PLXNA1 Rnd1-GTPADPp-Y-PLXNA2 RAC1 LIMK2 SEMA4D ADPITGB1 SEMA3EMYL6 TREM2 Plexin-B1:ErbB2RAC1 PLXND1 SEMA3A ATPROCK2 NRP1p-Y-PLXNA4 PLXNA1 RND1 LIMK1 Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fynp-T508-LIMK1 PLXNA4 ATPMyrG-CDK5R1(2-307) FES SEMA3A RAC2 FARP2 GDP PAK1 GDP p-Y-PLXNA1 NRP1 p-Y15-CDK5 Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:FynRRAS RAC1 ATPPAK2 p-S141,T402-PAK2 RHOC ATPSEMA4D PLXNA2 Sema4D:pPlexin-B1:MetTREM2 HSP90AA1 p-Y-PLXNA2 GTP p-Y-PLXNB1 SEMA5A:PLXNB3p-S154,T436-PAK3 p-S522-CRMP1 PAK3 NRP1 p-Y15-CDK5 p-Y-DPYSL5 Plexin-B1:MetPLXNA4 PiADPRHOC Sema3A:NP-1:Plexin-A:Fes:CRMPTLN1SEMA4D:PTPRCSEMA4D:pPlexin-B1:ErbB2 complexp-Y-PLXNA3 PLXNB1 RHOA SEMA7A:PLXNC1GSK3BCdk5:p35HSP90AA1,HSP90AB1RHOC DPYSL4 ATPARHGEF12 PLXNA1 SEMA3A NRP1 PLXNA1 RAC1:GTPNRP1:PlexinA1-4:FARP2:FYNHSP90AB1 ADPPLXNA3 p-Y-PLXNA1 ERBB2 Mg2+ p-T508-LIMK1PLXNA4 PAK1 GTPPLXNA2 FYN p-Y-PLXNA1 ITGA1 p-Y-PLXNA2 p-Y15-CDK5 SEMA3A RhoA (Mgcofactor):GDPSEMA4D NRP1 RHOB SEMA6ASEMA6A:PLXNA2,PLXNA4TLN1 PLXNA4 PLXNA1 Sema3A dimerSema4D:pPlexin-B1:Met:Rnd1SEMA6D:PLXNA1:TREM2:DAP12PLXNA4 RAC1 PLXNB3p-T19,S20-MRLC-smooth muscle/non-muscle myosin IIGDP PLXND1ARHGAP35 RHOA/B/C:GTPRAC2 SEMA3A ROCK1,ROCK2CD72Rnd1-GTPR-Ras-GDPPTPRC FYN p-LIMKGTP RAC1 PIP5K1C FYN SEMA3A p-Y-DPYSL3 LIMK1PLXNA1:TREM2:DAP12Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fyn:Cdk5:pCRMP'sTYROBP PAK1,2,3 dimerMg2+ RND1 NRP1 SEMA6DGTP PAK2 NRP1 SEMA3A MYH11 ADPITGA1 NRP1:PlexinA1-4:FYNp-Y-DPYSL4 NRP1 RHOA NRP1 ARHGEF11 CRMP1 p-Y-PLXNA4 ERBB2 p-Y-PLXNA1 Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fyn:Cdk5:pCRMP'sFES SEMA4D dimerFYN p-S,T508-LIMK1 PLXNB3 GDP ATPp-S534-DPYSL5 SEMA3A


Semaphorins are a large family of cell surface and secreted guidance molecules divided into eight classes on the basis of their structures. They all have an N-terminal conserved sema domain. Semaphorins signal through multimeric receptor complexes that include other proteins such as plexins and neuropilins. View original pathway at:Reactome.


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