Netrin-1 signaling (Homo sapiens)

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1, 216, 17198, 1012, 1311-1519201814, 154, 55-77-9181121extracellular regioncytosolRGDSIAH1 bound to DCC:Netrin-1Ezrin:PIP2ADPADPPhospholipase C gamma 1Netrin-1:DCC:UNC5CNetrin-1:pDCC dimer:pFAK:Src/FynNCK1Netrin-1:DCC:pUNC5CDCC/UNC5ATRPC channelsADPNeogenin:RGDNetrin1:pUnc5C:DCC:Shp21D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphateDCC:Ezrin complexPhosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphateActive phosphorylated PKC thetaATPNetrin-1:DCC:pFyn:Nck:Rac1-GTP:AblimCDC42-GDPSRCFADK1:DCC oligomer:NetrinActive Rac1 bound to Netrin-1-DCC complexpPLCgamma:PIP2Myosin-XSIAH2 bound to DCC:Netrin-1Netrin:DCC:PITPDCC:Robo:SlitATPEzrinActivated TRP channelsADPNetrin1:DCC oligomer:pFADK1:Fyn/srcSHP2N-WASPDCC:Netrin-1UNC-5 receptorsPITPalphaPhosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphatepEzrin:PIP2PIKE-LATPMyosin-X:DCC/NeogeninDCC&UNC5A:Netrin-4SIAH2E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase SIAH1Robo:SlitFADK1DCCNetrin-4Active Cdc42 bound to Netrin:DCC complexNetrin-1DCCGDPUNC-5:Netrin-1 complexPIKE-L:UNC5BADPdiacylglycerolsNetrin:DCC oligomer:pFAK:Fyn:Nck-1:Rho GEFs DOCK/TrioPhosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphateGTPNetrin:DCC:Nck:Cdc42-GTP:Active N-WASP:PIP2UNC5BNterin-1:pDCC oligomer:pFAK:Fyn:NCK1ATPSrc/FynH2ORho GEFs DOCK and TrioNeogenin1D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphateNetrin:DCC oligomerGDPNetrin-1:NeogenindiacylglycerolsDCC bound to UNC-5:Netrin-1ATPABLIMDCC/Neogenin1-Phosphatidyl-D-myo-inositol 4,5-bisphosphateGTPRAC1-GDPNterin-1:DCC oligomer:pFADK13


Netrins are secreted proteins that play a crucial role in neuronal migration and in axon guidance during the development of the nervous system. To date, several Netrins have been described in mouse and humans: Netrin-1, -3/NTL2, -4/h and G-Netrins. Netrin-1 is the most studied member of the family and has been shown to play a crucial role in neuronal navigation during nervous system development mainly through its interaction with its receptors DCC and UNC5. Members of the Deleted in colorectal cancer (DCC) family- which includes DCC and Neogenin in vertebrates- mediate netrin-induced axon attraction, whereas the C. elegans UNC5 receptor and its four vertebrate homologs Unc5a-Unc5d mediate repulsion.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment

myo-inositol 4,5- bisphosphate

Unknown18348 (ChEBI)


Metabolite16595 (ChEBI)
ABLIM ProteinREACT_22492 (Reactome)
ADP Metabolite16761 (ChEBI)
ATP Metabolite15422 (ChEBI)
Activated TRP


ComplexREACT_22774 (Reactome)

phosphorylated PKC theta

ProteinQ04759 (UniProt)
Active Cdc42 bound

to Netrin:DCC complex

ComplexREACT_22825 (Reactome)
Active Rac1 bound

to Netrin-1-DCC complex

ComplexREACT_22845 (Reactome)
CDC42-GDP ComplexREACT_20401 (Reactome)
DCC ProteinP43146 (UniProt)
DCC bound to UNC-


ComplexREACT_22490 (Reactome)
DCC&UNC5A:Netrin-4 ComplexREACT_23166 (Reactome)
DCC/Neogenin ProteinREACT_22539 (Reactome)
DCC/UNC5A ProteinREACT_23092 (Reactome)
DCC:Ezrin complex ComplexREACT_22661 (Reactome)
DCC:Netrin-1 ComplexREACT_22821 (Reactome)
DCC:Robo:Slit ComplexREACT_23020 (Reactome)
E3 ubiquitin-protein

ligase SIAH1

ProteinQ8IUQ4 (UniProt)
Ezrin ProteinP15311 (UniProt)
Ezrin:PIP2 ComplexREACT_23169 (Reactome)
FADK1 ProteinQ05397 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_22770 (Reactome)
GDP Metabolite17552 (ChEBI)
GTP Metabolite15996 (ChEBI)
H2O Metabolite15377 (ChEBI)
Myosin-X ProteinQ9HD67 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_23119 (Reactome)
N-WASP ProteinO00401 (UniProt)
NCK1 ProteinP16333 (UniProt)
Neogenin ProteinQ92859 (UniProt)
Neogenin:RGD ComplexREACT_23351 (Reactome)
Netrin-1 ProteinO95631 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_22611 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_22595 (Reactome)

Nck:Rac1-GTP: Ablim

ComplexREACT_23105 (Reactome)
Netrin-1:Neogenin ComplexREACT_23329 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_23053 (Reactome)
Netrin-4 ProteinQ9HB63 (UniProt)

oligomer:pFADK1: Fyn/src

ComplexREACT_22915 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_23193 (Reactome)
Netrin:DCC oligomer ComplexREACT_23248 (Reactome)
Netrin:DCC oligomer:

pFAK:Fyn:Nck-1:Rho GEFs DOCK/Trio

ComplexREACT_23304 (Reactome)

Cdc42-GTP:Active N-WASP:PIP2

ComplexREACT_22730 (Reactome)
Netrin:DCC:PITP ComplexREACT_23076 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_23005 (Reactome)

oligomer:pFAK:Fyn: NCK1

ComplexREACT_23303 (Reactome)
PIKE-L ProteinQ99490 (UniProt)
PIKE-L:UNC5B ComplexREACT_22961 (Reactome)
PITPalpha ProteinQ00169 (UniProt)


Metabolite18348 (ChEBI)
Phospholipase C

gamma 1

ProteinP19174 (UniProt)
RAC1-GDP ComplexREACT_22018 (Reactome)
RGD ProteinREACT_22662 (Reactome)
Rho GEFs DOCK and


ProteinREACT_22958 (Reactome)
Robo:Slit ComplexREACT_22837 (Reactome)
SHP2 ProteinQ06124 (UniProt)
SIAH1 bound to


ComplexREACT_23235 (Reactome)
SIAH2 ProteinO43255 (UniProt)
SIAH2 bound to


ComplexREACT_22880 (Reactome)
SRC ProteinP12931-1 (UniProt)
Src/Fyn ProteinREACT_22877 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_22951 (Reactome)
UNC-5 receptors ProteinREACT_22907 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_22538 (Reactome)
UNC5B ProteinQ8IZJ1 (UniProt)
diacylglycerols Metabolite18035 (ChEBI)
pEzrin:PIP2 ComplexREACT_22690 (Reactome)
pPLCgamma:PIP2 ComplexREACT_22512 (Reactome)

Annotated Interactions

No annotated interactions

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