Integrin cell surface interactions (Homo sapiens)

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10, 51, 57111, 391764, 77515271924, 662363, 73, 8241, 446, 2530, 42, 459, 5414, 713320, 4875, 7665214016, 36, 5332122, 34203552317, 30, 49, 6046, 7918, 3070, 78368, 13, 616962, 8143, 59563, 674, 3055373847, 807422, 7226, 58cytosolIntegrin alphaVbeta8:VitronectinIntegrin alpha5beta1:OstepontinIntegrin alphaVbeta3:VitronectinJAM2VLA-4Collagen I (alpha 1, alpha 1, alpha 2)Integrin alpha4beta7MagnesiumIntegrin alphaIIbbeta3:Thrombospondin 1Integrin alphaVbeta3:Fibrillin-1Fibrillin-1Integrin alpha8beta1:OsteopontinIntegrin alpha IIb beta 3:Fibrin complexCadherin-1Integrin alphaVbeta1OsteopontinIntegrin alpha1beta1VLA-4:Thrombospondin-1 complexIntegrin alpha3beta1:Thrombospondin-1VitronectinLaminin-5Integrin alpha10beta1:Collagen type-II:Mg++Integrin alphaXbeta2:JAMLIntegrin alpha8beta1:TenascinIntegrin alpha7beta1Integrin alpha1beta1:Type IV collagen:Mg++ManganeseLFA-1:ICAM 1-4Integrin alpha7beta1:Laminin-1Integrin alpha3beta1:Laminin-5Integrin alphaVbeta3:PECAM-1Integrin alphaIIbbeta3:VWF multimerLaminin-1 (EHS laminin)MagnesiumIntegrin alpha6beta4Type IV collagenIntegrin alpha6beta1Integrin alphaXbeta2Integrin alpha4beta7:MADCAM1Alpha 11 beta 1 integrin: Collagen type-I:Mg++ complexIntegrin alpha2beta1VCAM1MagnesiumMADCAM1Bone sialoprotein 2Integrin alpha5beta1:FibronectinIntegrin alphaMbeta2Integrin alphaVbeta1:FibronectinIntegrin alphaEbeta7:Cadherin-1Laminin-2 (Merosin)Integrin alphaLbeta2 (LFA-1)Integrin alpha6beta1:Laminin-1Fibronectinfibrin multimerIntegrin alphaVbeta3:FibronectinIntegrin alphaXbeta2:fibrin multimerBasigin precursorIntegrin alphaMbeta2:JAM3Integrin alpha11beta1JAM3VLA-4:Fibronectin complexIntegrin alpha9beta1Integrin alpha9beta1:VCAM-1TenascinFibronectin dimerIntegrin alpha10beta1MagnesiumVLA-4:Osteopontin complexVWF multimerLFA-1:JAM-AIntegrin alphaDbeta2Thrombospondin 1Integrin alphaVbeta5Integrin alpha8beta1Integrin alphaVbeta5:VitronectinVWF multimerIntegrin alphaVbeta3:VWF multimerBasigin bound to integrinsJAM-ATenascin hexamerIntegrin alpha1beta1:Laminin-1:Mg++Integrin alpha2beta1:Collagen I:Mg++Collagen type-IIIntegrin alphaDbeta2:fibrin multimer:Mg++MagnesiumBasigin-binding integrinsIntegrin alpha9beta1:OsteopontinIntegrin alpha8beta1:FibronectinIntegrin alphaVbeta6Integrin alphaVbeta3:Bone sialoprotein 2Integrin alphaVbeta3Thrombospondin-1 trimerIntegrin alphaVbeta8Integrin alpha5beta1Laminin-1 (EHS laminin)Integrin alpha9beta1:TenascinIntegrin alphaIIbbeta3:FibronectinICAM 1-4Integrin alphaVbeta3:TenascinCollagen I (alpha 1, alpha 1, alpha 2)VLA-4:VCAM-1VLA-4: JAM-BIntegrin alpha3beta1Integrin alpha7beta1:Laminin-2Integrin alphaVbeta6:FibronectinPECAM-1Integrin alpha6beta4:Laminin-5Integrin alphaEbeta7Junctional adhesion molecule-like (JAML)Integrin alphaIIb beta3Alpha2beta1 complex with Laminin-5231573736828, 29, 5023


The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a network of macro-molecules that underlies all epithelia and endothelia and that surrounds all connective tissue cells. This matrix provides the mechanical strength and also influences the behavior and differentiation state of cells in contact with it. The ECM are diverse in composition, but they generally comprise a mixture of fibrillar proteins, polysaccharides synthesized, secreted and organized by neighboring cells. Collagens, fibronectin, and laminins are the principal components involved in cell matrix interactions; other components, such as vitronectin, thrombospondin, and osteopontin, although less abundant, are also important adhesive molecules.
Integrins are the receptors that mediate cell adhesion to ECM. Integrins consists of one alpha and one beta subunit forming a noncovalently bound heterodimer. 18 alpha and 8 beta subunits have been identified in humans that combine to form 24 different receptors.
The integrin dimers can be broadly divided into three families consisting of the beta1, beta2/beta7, and beta3/alphaV integrins. beta1 associates with 12 alpha-subunits and can be further divided into RGD-, collagen-, or laminin binding and the related alpha4/alpha9 integrins that recognise both matrix and vascular ligands. beta2/beta7 integrins are restricted to leukocytes and mediate cell-cell rather than cell-matrix interactions, although some recognize fibrinogen. The beta3/alphaV family members are all RGD receptors and comprise aIIbb3, an important receptor on platelets, and the remaining b-subunits, which all associate with alphaV. It is the collagen receptors and leukocyte-specific integrins that contain alpha A-domains.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Alpha 11 beta 1

integrin: Collagen type-I:Mg++ complex

ComplexREACT_13934 (Reactome)

complex with Laminin-5

ComplexREACT_14426 (Reactome)
Basigin bound to


ComplexREACT_14081 (Reactome)
Basigin precursor ProteinP35613 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_14484 (Reactome)
Bone sialoprotein 2 ProteinP21815 (UniProt)
Cadherin-1 ProteinP12830 (UniProt)
Collagen I (alpha 1,

alpha 1, alpha 2)

ComplexREACT_2604 (Reactome)
Collagen type-II ComplexREACT_14196 (Reactome)
Fibrillin-1 ProteinP35555 (UniProt)
Fibronectin ProteinP02751 (UniProt)
Fibronectin dimer ComplexREACT_14040 (Reactome)
ICAM 1-4 ProteinREACT_11859 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_13998 (Reactome)

alpha10beta1: Collagen type-II: Mg++

ComplexREACT_13948 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_14514 (Reactome)

alpha1beta1: Laminin-1:Mg++

ComplexREACT_14643 (Reactome)

alpha2beta1: Collagen I:Mg++

ComplexREACT_5070 (Reactome)

alpha3beta1: Laminin-5

ComplexREACT_14028 (Reactome)

alpha3beta1: Thrombospondin-1

ComplexREACT_14479 (Reactome)

alpha4beta7: MADCAM1

ComplexREACT_11447 (Reactome)

alpha5beta1: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_12353 (Reactome)

alpha5beta1: Ostepontin

ComplexREACT_14080 (Reactome)

alpha6beta1: Laminin-1

ComplexREACT_14563 (Reactome)

alpha6beta4: Laminin-5

ComplexREACT_14260 (Reactome)

alpha7beta1: Laminin-1

ComplexREACT_14098 (Reactome)

alpha7beta1: Laminin-2

ComplexREACT_14652 (Reactome)

alpha8beta1: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_13847 (Reactome)

alpha8beta1: Osteopontin

ComplexREACT_13981 (Reactome)

alpha8beta1: Tenascin

ComplexREACT_14604 (Reactome)

alpha9beta1: Osteopontin

ComplexREACT_14228 (Reactome)

alpha9beta1: Tenascin

ComplexREACT_14395 (Reactome)

alphaDbeta2:fibrin multimer:Mg++

ComplexREACT_14528 (Reactome)

alphaEbeta7: Cadherin-1

ComplexREACT_14442 (Reactome)

alphaIIb beta3

ComplexREACT_4958 (Reactome)

alphaIIbbeta3: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_14637 (Reactome)

alphaIIbbeta3: Thrombospondin 1

ComplexREACT_14140 (Reactome)

alphaIIbbeta3:VWF multimer

ComplexREACT_14499 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_12291 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_12228 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta1: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_13983 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3: Fibrillin-1

ComplexREACT_13939 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_14178 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3: PECAM-1

ComplexREACT_13361 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3: Tenascin

ComplexREACT_14164 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3: Vitronectin

ComplexREACT_14620 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3:Bone sialoprotein 2

ComplexREACT_14050 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta3:VWF multimer

ComplexREACT_14672 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta5: Vitronectin

ComplexREACT_14045 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta6: Fibronectin

ComplexREACT_14046 (Reactome)

alphaVbeta8: Vitronectin

ComplexREACT_14549 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_12224 (Reactome)

alphaXbeta2:fibrin multimer

ComplexREACT_13854 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha IIb

beta 3:Fibrin complex

ComplexREACT_4777 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha1beta1 ComplexREACT_14015 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha1beta1:

Type IV collagen: Mg++

ComplexREACT_14130 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha2beta1 ComplexREACT_2290 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha3beta1 ComplexREACT_14560 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha4beta7 ComplexREACT_11974 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha5beta1 ComplexREACT_12335 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha6beta1 ComplexREACT_14516 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha6beta4 ComplexREACT_14337 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha7beta1 ComplexREACT_14603 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha8beta1 ComplexREACT_14156 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha9beta1 ComplexREACT_14004 (Reactome)
Integrin alpha9beta1:


ComplexREACT_14331 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaDbeta2 ComplexREACT_14521 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaEbeta7 ComplexREACT_13938 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaLbeta2


ComplexREACT_11837 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaVbeta1 ComplexREACT_13937 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaVbeta3 ComplexREACT_13287 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaVbeta5 ComplexREACT_13993 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaVbeta6 ComplexREACT_14276 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaVbeta8 ComplexREACT_14042 (Reactome)
Integrin alphaXbeta2 ComplexREACT_12091 (Reactome)
JAM-A ProteinQ9Y624 (UniProt)
JAM2 ProteinP57087 (UniProt)
JAM3 ProteinQ9BX67 (UniProt)
Junctional adhesion

molecule-like (JAML)

ProteinQ86YT9 (UniProt)
LFA-1:ICAM 1-4 ComplexREACT_11942 (Reactome)
LFA-1:JAM-A ComplexREACT_12182 (Reactome)
Laminin-1 (EHS


ComplexREACT_14571 (Reactome)
Laminin-2 (Merosin) ComplexREACT_13824 (Reactome)
Laminin-5 ComplexREACT_14602 (Reactome)
MADCAM1 ProteinQ13477-1 (UniProt)
Magnesium Metabolite18420 (ChEBI)
Manganese Metabolite18291 (ChEBI)
Osteopontin ProteinP10451 (UniProt)
PECAM-1 ProteinP16284 (UniProt)
Tenascin ProteinP24821 (UniProt)
Tenascin hexamer ComplexREACT_14068 (Reactome)
Thrombospondin 1 ProteinP07996 (UniProt)


ComplexREACT_13859 (Reactome)
Type IV collagen ComplexREACT_14341 (Reactome)
VCAM1 ProteinP19320 (UniProt)
VLA-4 ComplexREACT_11798 (Reactome)

Thrombospondin-1 complex

ComplexREACT_14539 (Reactome)
VLA-4: JAM-B ComplexREACT_12179 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_14684 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_14112 (Reactome)
VLA-4:VCAM-1 ComplexREACT_11750 (Reactome)
VWF multimer REACT_14638 (Reactome)
Vitronectin ProteinP04004 (UniProt)
fibrin multimer ComplexREACT_4444 (Reactome) The fibrin "monomers" formed by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen associate spontaneously into multimers. This association can follow several distinct pathways and may be able to form several types of higher-order structures. All of these possibilities are represented in Reactome as a fibrin trimer.

Annotated Interactions

No annotated interactions

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