Gap junction trafficking and regulation (Homo sapiens)

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8, 11, 16, 171512139131434, 56224131107cytosolER-Golgi intermediate compartmentGolgi lumenendoplasmic reticulum lumenperoxisomal matrixconnexons in Golgi transport vesicle docked to microtubulesConnexin 32Junctional channelCx43:ZO-1:c-src gap junctionConnexin 32 connexongap junction plaqueConnexin 26ZO-1Connexin 32Hemi-channelsConnexin 26:Connexin 32 connexonphospho-Y265 Cx43:ZO-1 gap junctionplanar gap junction plaquesConnexin 43 connexonADPplanar gap junction plaques associated with Dab2Connexin 43 hemi-channelConnexin 43c-srcCx43:ZO-1Cx26/Cx32Connexin 26 ConnexonMyosin VIMonomeric connexin proteinATPInvaginating gap junction plaquesCx43 :ZO-1 gap junctionc-src-associated Cx43 junctional channelConnexon 26Docked Cx43-containing transport vesiclesCx26/Cx32closed Cx43 junctional channelmicrotubuleDab2Connexin 43 connexon in Golgi transport vesicleDynaminPlanar gap junction plaques associated with Dab2 and DynaminConnexin 26Connexin 43


Gap junctions are clusters of intercellular channels connecting adjacent cells and permitting the direct exchange of ions and small molecules between cells. These channels are composed of two hemichannels, or connexons, one located on each of the two neighboring cells. Each connexon is composed of 6 trans-membrane protein subunits of the connexin (Cx) family. A gap of approximately 3 nm remains between the adjacent cell membranes, but two connexons interact and dock head-to-head in the extra-cellular space forming a tightly sealed, double-membrane intercellular channel (see Segretain and Falk, 2004). The activity of these intercellular channels is regulated, particularly by intramolecular modifications such as phosphorylation which appears to regulate connexin turnover, gap junction assembly and the opening and closure (gating) of gap junction channels.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADP Metabolite16761 (ChEBI)
ATP Metabolite15422 (ChEBI)


ProteinP17302 (UniProt)
Connexin 26 ProteinP29033 (UniProt)
Connexin 26


ComplexREACT_21620 (Reactome)
Connexin 26:

Connexin 32 connexon

ComplexREACT_9762 (Reactome)
Connexin 32 ProteinP08034 (UniProt)
Connexin 32


ComplexREACT_9765 (Reactome)
Connexin 43 ProteinP17302 (UniProt)
Connexin 43


ComplexREACT_9901 (Reactome)
Connexin 43

connexon in Golgi transport vesicle

ComplexREACT_10502 (Reactome)
Connexin 43 hemi-


ComplexREACT_10289 (Reactome)
Connexon 26 ComplexREACT_10376 (Reactome)
Cx26/Cx32 ProteinREACT_9641 (Reactome)
Cx26/Cx32 ProteinREACT_9706 (Reactome)
Cx43 :ZO-1 gap


ComplexREACT_10329 (Reactome)
Cx43:ZO-1 ComplexREACT_10187 (Reactome)

gap junction

ComplexREACT_10511 (Reactome)
Dab2 ProteinREACT_10839 (Reactome)
Docked Cx43-

containing transport vesicles

ComplexREACT_10422 (Reactome)
Dynamin ProteinREACT_10614 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_10652 (Reactome)
Invaginating gap

junction plaques

ComplexREACT_10333 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_10244 (Reactome)

connexin protein

ProteinREACT_9675 (Reactome)


ProteinREACT_10786 (Reactome)
Planar gap junction

plaques associated with Dab2 and Dynamin

ComplexREACT_10413 (Reactome)
ZO-1 ProteinREACT_10984 (Reactome)
c-src ProteinP12931-2 (UniProt)

Cx43 junctional channel

ComplexREACT_10199 (Reactome)
closed Cx43

junctional channel

ComplexREACT_10597 (Reactome)
connexons in Golgi

transport vesicle docked to microtubules

ComplexREACT_10450 (Reactome)
gap junction


ComplexREACT_10558 (Reactome)
microtubule REACT_10446 (Reactome)

Cx43:ZO-1 gap junction

ComplexREACT_10386 (Reactome)
planar gap junction


ComplexREACT_10866 (Reactome)
planar gap junction

plaques associated with Dab2

ComplexREACT_10755 (Reactome)

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