Formation of Fibrin Clot (Clotting Cascade) (Homo sapiens)

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1, 254-577477, 791328, 3067-722365, 6617862236-39271376, 80, 8167, 68, 71, 732624, 28, 2935, 38, 45, 4632-358617, 208558, 62-6482836, 82658-61863140-4417828623-2576-788434, 47-5375cytoplasmprotein C heavy chain activation peptidefactor VIIaActivated thrombin (factor IIa)thrombin:cleaved antithrombin IIIfactor XaTF:F7afactor XIINH4+Platelet Factor 4activated protein Cfactor VIIIakallikrein:C1InhkininogenTFPIfactor XIIaBradykininthrombin:cleaved antithrombin III:heparinprekallikrein:kininogen:C1q binding protein tetramerC1InhTFPI:TF:F7a:factor Xafactor VIIIactivated kininogen:C1q binding protein tetramerfactor XIIICalciumfactor Xfactor X activation peptideHeparinCalciumantithrombin IIIkininogen:C1q binding protein tetramerprothrombin (factor II)factor IXafibrin multimer, crosslinkedfibrinopeptide Avon Willibrand factor multimeralpha2-macroglobulinfactor IX activation peptidefactor Vifibrinopeptide BCalciumTF:F7factor XI:GPIb:GPIX:GPV complexfactor V activation peptideVa:Xa complex (prothrombinase)factor XIII B chainfactor XIfactor VIIprekallikreinGPIb:GPIX:GPV complexfactor XIII A chain activation peptidefactor Xaactivated protein Cthrombomodulinfactor VIII:von Willebrand factor multimeractivated thrombin:thrombomodulinfactor XIII cleaved tetramerfactor VIIIa:factor IXaC1q binding protein tetramerZn++protein SCalciumfactor Vafactor VIIIa B A3 acidic polypeptidekallikrein:alpha2-macroglobulinfibrin monomerFibrinogensequestered tissue factorkallikreinprotein Cfactor XIa:GPIb:GPIX:GPV complexkininogentissue factorthrombin:antithrombin III:heparinfactor XIIIathrombin activation peptidefactor Vprolylcarboxypeptidase dimerfactor XIIa:C1Inhfibrin multimerfactor IXantithrombin III:heparinkallikrein:kininogen:C1q binding protein tetramer810, 12155, 6618, 1910-125, 6171418, 198718-208, 93, 41318-2016215133, 4


The formation of a fibrin clot at the site of an injury to the wall of a normal blood vessel is an essential part of the process to stop blood loss after vascular injury. The reactions that lead to fibrin clot formation are commonly described as a cascade, in which the product of each step is an enzyme or cofactor needed for following reactions to proceed efficiently. The entire clotting cascade can be divided into three portions, the extrinsic pathway, the intrinsic pathway, and the common pathway. The extrinsic pathway begins with the release of tissue factor at the site of vascular injury and leads to the activation of factor X. The intrinsic pathway provides an alternative mechanism for activation of factor X, starting from the activation of factor XII. The common pathway consists of the steps linking the activation of factor X to the formation of a multimeric, cross-linked fibrin clot. Each of these pathways includes not only a cascade of events that generate the catalytic activities needed for clot formation, but also numerous positive and negative regulatory events.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Activated thrombin

(factor IIa)

ComplexREACT_3298 (Reactome)
Bradykinin ProteinP01042 (UniProt)
C1Inh ProteinP05155 (UniProt)
C1q binding protein


ComplexREACT_2937 (Reactome)
Calcium Metabolite29108 (ChEBI)
Fibrinogen ComplexREACT_4095 (Reactome) Fibrinogen is a hexamer, containing two fibrinogen alpha chains, two fibrinogen beta chains, and two fibrinogen gamma chains, held together by disulfide bonds.


ComplexREACT_2987 (Reactome)
Heparin UnknownREACT_4737 (Reactome)
NH4+ Metabolite28938 (ChEBI)
Platelet Factor 4 UnknownREACT_12205 (Reactome)
TF:F7 ComplexREACT_4908 (Reactome)
TF:F7a ComplexREACT_4532 (Reactome)
TFPI ProteinP10646 (UniProt)
TFPI:TF:F7a:factor Xa ComplexREACT_2685 (Reactome)
Va:Xa complex


ComplexREACT_5441 (Reactome)
Zn++ Metabolite29105 (ChEBI)

thrombin: thrombomodulin

ComplexREACT_5904 (Reactome)
activated kininogen:

C1q binding protein tetramer

ComplexREACT_3121 (Reactome)
activated protein C ComplexREACT_2599 (Reactome)
activated protein C ComplexREACT_5044 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_3449 (Reactome)


ProteinP01008 (UniProt)
antithrombin III:


ComplexREACT_2653 (Reactome)
factor IX ProteinP00740 (UniProt)
factor IX activation


ProteinP00740 (UniProt)
factor IXa ComplexREACT_3075 (Reactome)
factor V ProteinP12259 (UniProt)
factor V activation


ProteinP12259 (UniProt)
factor VII ProteinP08709 (UniProt)
factor VIII ComplexREACT_4493 (Reactome)
factor VIII:von

Willebrand factor multimer

ComplexREACT_3248 (Reactome)
factor VIIIa ComplexREACT_4190 (Reactome)
factor VIIIa B A3

acidic polypeptide

ProteinP00451 (UniProt)
factor VIIIa:factor IXa ComplexREACT_3217 (Reactome)
factor VIIa ComplexREACT_2419 (Reactome)
factor Va ComplexREACT_2497 (Reactome)
factor Vi ComplexREACT_4020 (Reactome)
factor X ComplexREACT_3749 (Reactome)
factor X activation


ProteinP00742 (UniProt)
factor XI ComplexREACT_4915 (Reactome)
factor XI:GPIb:GPIX:

GPV complex

ComplexREACT_5726 (Reactome)
factor XII ProteinP00748 (UniProt)
factor XIII ComplexREACT_4285 (Reactome)
factor XIII A chain

activation peptide

ProteinP00488 (UniProt)
factor XIII B chain ProteinP05160 (UniProt)
factor XIII cleaved


ComplexREACT_2648 (Reactome)
factor XIIIa ComplexREACT_4387 (Reactome)
factor XIIa ComplexREACT_4236 (Reactome)
factor XIIa:C1Inh ComplexREACT_2283 (Reactome)
factor XIa:GPIb:GPIX:

GPV complex

ComplexREACT_4765 (Reactome)
factor Xa ComplexREACT_3099 (Reactome)
factor Xa ComplexREACT_5349 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_5594 (Reactome) Fibrin is a hexamer of two fibrinogen alpha chains, two fibrinogen beta chains, and two fibrinogen gamma chains, held together by disulfide bonds. It is formed in vivo by the thrombin-catalyzed removal of amino terminal fibinopeptides from the A alpha and B beta chains of fibrinogen. This fibrin hexamer ("fibrin monomer") is the subunit that multimerizes to form a fibrin clot ("fibrin multimer").


ComplexREACT_4444 (Reactome) The fibrin "monomers" formed by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen associate spontaneously into multimers. This association can follow several distinct pathways and may be able to form several types of higher-order structures. All of these possibilities are represented in Reactome as a fibrin trimer.
fibrin multimer,


UnknownREACT_2721 (Reactome)


ProteinP02671 (UniProt)
fibrinopeptide B ProteinP02675 (UniProt)
kallikrein ComplexREACT_4124 (Reactome)
kallikrein:C1Inh ComplexREACT_5874 (Reactome)


ComplexREACT_4115 (Reactome)

C1q binding protein tetramer

ComplexREACT_4714 (Reactome)
kininogen ProteinP01042 (UniProt)
kininogen:C1q binding

protein tetramer

ComplexREACT_4804 (Reactome)
prekallikrein ProteinP03952 (UniProt)

kininogen:C1q binding protein tetramer

ComplexREACT_3461 (Reactome)

se dimer

ComplexREACT_5699 (Reactome)
protein C ComplexREACT_4912 (Reactome)
protein C heavy chain

activation peptide

ProteinP04070 (UniProt)
protein S ProteinP07225 (UniProt)
prothrombin (factor


ProteinP00734 (UniProt)
sequestered tissue


ProteinP13726 (UniProt)

activation peptide

ProteinP00734 (UniProt)

antithrombin III: heparin

ComplexREACT_2423 (Reactome)

antithrombin III

ComplexREACT_4175 (Reactome)

antithrombin III: heparin

ComplexREACT_2621 (Reactome)
thrombomodulin ProteinP07204 (UniProt)
tissue factor ProteinP13726 (UniProt)
von Willibrand factor


ComplexREACT_5706 (Reactome)

Annotated Interactions

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