DNA Damage Reversal (Homo sapiens)

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2111111nucleoplasmABH2 protein6-O-methyguanine containing damaged DNAFormaldehydeDNA with no 6-O-methylated guanineAcetaldehydeOxygenAlkylated DNA with 1-methyladenineAlkylated DNA with 3-methylcytosineMGMTSuccinateCO2MGMT containing S-methyl-L-cysteineAlkylated DNA with 1-ethyladenineABH3 proteinRepaired DNA after oxidative dealkylation2-Oxoglutarate


DNA damage can be directly reversed by dealkylation.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
2-Oxoglutarate Metabolite30915 (ChEBI)

containing damaged DNA

UnknownREACT_4587 (Reactome)
ABH2 protein ProteinQ6NS38 (UniProt)
ABH3 protein ProteinQ96Q83 (UniProt)
Acetaldehyde Metabolite15343 (ChEBI)
Alkylated DNA with


UnknownREACT_5603 (Reactome)
Alkylated DNA with


UnknownREACT_3986 (Reactome)
Alkylated DNA with


UnknownREACT_4006 (Reactome)
CO2 Metabolite16526 (ChEBI)
DNA with no 6-O-

methylated guanine

UnknownREACT_4869 (Reactome)
Formaldehyde Metabolite16842 (ChEBI)
MGMT ProteinP16455 (UniProt)
MGMT containing S-


ProteinP16455 (UniProt)
Oxygen Metabolite15379 (ChEBI)
Repaired DNA after

oxidative dealkylation

UnknownREACT_2610 (Reactome)
Succinate Metabolite15741 (ChEBI)

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No annotated interactions

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