Eicosanoid synthesis (Homo sapiens)

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21Cell Membrane15-HETE5-HPETEPGD2 11-ketoreducPTGES2GSH peroxidasePTGISPGE2 9-ketoreducLeukotriene D4Prostaglandin I2TBXAS1PTGDS5-HETEPLA2G6DPEP1Leukotriene E4PNPLA8Leukotriene A4ALOX15ALOX5Prostaglandin F2aLTA4HThromboxane B2ALOX5APPNPLA3PTGS1ALOX15ALOX12ALOX15BArachidonic acidPTGESPLA2G2A12-HETEPTGS2Per-oxidaseLeukotriene B4LTC4SGGT1PGD2Leukotriene C4Thromboxane A2Prostaglandin H2Prostaglandin D2ALOX5APALOX512-HPETE15-HPETEProstaglandin E215-Dehydro-prostaglandin I2dehydrogenase1Thromboxane A3Pla2g5GPPla2g6Pla2g4aPla2g4bPtgs1Ptgs2Ptgs1Ptgs2PGG2Arachidonic acid11-HETEALOX5PGJ215-deoxy-PGJ215-deoxy-PGD2


In biochemistry, eicosanoids are signaling molecules made by oxidation of twenty-carbon essential fatty acids, (EFAs). They exert complex control over many bodily systems, mainly in inflammation or immunity, and as messengers in the central nervous system. Source: Wikipedia.

This pathway has been updated with information from LIPID MAPS>Eicosanoids [1]. Metabolites and proteins from this pathway are orange coloured and have an rounded rectangle shape (where an rectangle shape indicates that the node only occures in the LIPIDM APS pathway). Reactions occurring in the LIPID MAPS pathways are coloured orange (where a dashed line indicates that the reaction only occures in the LIPID MAPS pathway).

Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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  1. Korff JM, Jarabak J; ''''; , PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Funk CD; ''Prostaglandins and leukotrienes: advances in eicosanoid biology.''; Science, 2001 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
11-HETEMetaboliteLMFA03060085 (LIPID MAPS)
12-HETEMetaboliteCHEBI:19138 (ChEBI)
12-HPETEMetabolite71030-35-8 (CAS)
15-Dehydro-prostaglandin I2MetaboliteLMFA03010205 (LIPID MAPS) Changed 15-oxo-prostaglandin I2 to 15-Dehydro-prostaglandin I2, since the enzyme listed mentions dehydrogenase, and pubchem mentions 15-Dehydro-prostaglandin I2 is created from Prostaglandin I2.
15-HETEMetaboliteCHEBI:64017 (ChEBI)
15-HPETEMetabolite70981-96-3 (CAS)
15-deoxy-PGD2MetaboliteLMFA03010051 (LIPID MAPS)
15-deoxy-PGJ2MetaboliteLMFA03010021 (LIPID MAPS)
5-HETEMetabolite70608-72-9 (CAS)
5-HPETEMetaboliteLMFA03060108 (LIPID MAPS)
ALOX12GeneProduct239 (Entrez Gene)
ALOX15GeneProduct246 (Entrez Gene)
ALOX15BGeneProduct247 (Entrez Gene)
ALOX5GeneProduct240 (Entrez Gene)
ALOX5APGeneProduct241 (Entrez Gene)
Arachidonic acidMetaboliteLMFA01030001 (LIPID MAPS)
DPEP1GeneProduct1800 (Entrez Gene)
GGT1GeneProduct2678 (Entrez Gene)
GPMetaboliteCHEBI:37739 (ChEBI) AKA glycerophospholipids
GSH peroxidaseGeneProduct1.11.1.9 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
LTA4HGeneProduct4048 (Entrez Gene)
LTC4SGeneProduct4056 (Entrez Gene)
Leukotriene A4MetaboliteLMFA03020023 (LIPID MAPS)
Leukotriene B4MetaboliteLMFA03020001 (LIPID MAPS)
Leukotriene C4MetaboliteLMFA03020003 (LIPID MAPS)
Leukotriene D4MetaboliteLMFA03020006 (LIPID MAPS)
Leukotriene E4MetaboliteLMFA03020002 (LIPID MAPS)
PGD2 11-ketoreducGeneProduct1.1.1.188 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
PGD2MetaboliteLMFA03010004 (LIPID MAPS)
PGE2 9-ketoreducGeneProduct1.1.1.189 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
PGG2MetaboliteLMFA03010009 (LIPID MAPS)
PGJ2MetaboliteLMFA03010019 (LIPID MAPS)
PLA2G2AGeneProduct5320 (Entrez Gene)
PLA2G6GeneProduct8398 (Entrez Gene)
PNPLA8GeneProduct50640 (Entrez Gene)
PTGDSGeneProduct5730 (Entrez Gene)
PTGES2GeneProduct80142 (Entrez Gene)
PTGESGeneProduct9536 (Entrez Gene)
PTGISGeneProduct5740 (Entrez Gene)
PTGS1GeneProduct5742 (Entrez Gene)
PTGS2GeneProduct5743 (Entrez Gene)
Per- oxidaseGeneProduct1.11.1.7 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Pla2g4aProtein5321 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g4bProtein100137049 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g5Protein5322 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g6Protein8398 (Entrez Gene)
Prostaglandin D2MetaboliteLMFA03010004 (LIPID MAPS)
Prostaglandin E2MetaboliteLMFA03010003 (LIPID MAPS)
Prostaglandin F2aMetaboliteLMFA03010002 (LIPID MAPS)
Prostaglandin H2MetaboliteLMFA03010010 (LIPID MAPS)
Prostaglandin I2MetaboliteLMFA03010087 (LIPID MAPS)
Ptgs1Protein5742 (Entrez Gene)
Ptgs2Protein5743 (Entrez Gene)
TBXAS1GeneProduct6916 (Entrez Gene)
Thromboxane A2MetaboliteLMFA03030001 (LIPID MAPS)
Thromboxane A3MetaboliteLMFA03030005 (LIPID MAPS)
Thromboxane B2MetaboliteLMFA03030002 (LIPID MAPS)
dehydrogenaseGeneProduct1.1.1.231 (Enzyme Nomenclature)

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