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1, 2Liver cellNicotine-GlucNornicotineCYP2A6Cotinine N-oxideNicotine iminium ionUGT1A43'-Hydroxycotinine glucuronideNicotineNornicotineCotinine N-oxideAOX1FMO3Nicotine-Gluc3'-HydroxycotinineCotinineNicotine-N-oxideCotinineglucuronideNornicotineNicotine3'-Hydroxycotinine glucuronideCotinine5'-HydroxycotinineCYP2A6Nicotine-N-oxideNornicotineCYP2A6Cotinineglucuronide5'-HydroxycotinineUGT1A9CYP2B63'-Hydroxycotinine


Nicotine results in many metabolites after metabolization in the liver.

Nicotine is the main factor behind smoking addiction, therefore nicotine supplements can be used to stop smoking.

Nicotine is metabolized by several enzymes in the liver such as the CYP2A6 enzyme. CYP2A6 is a xenobiotic (xenos = foreigner, bios = life) metabolizer.

How well nicotine can be metabolized by the human body is not standard and depends on racial, gender, genetic and environmental factors.

The cotinine metabolite seen above in the center of the nicotine metabolism pathway is a smoking biomarker and can been measured in various tissues such as blood, urine and sweat.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
3'-Hydroxycotinine glucuronideMetaboliteHMDB0001204 (HMDB)
3'-HydroxycotinineMetaboliteHMDB0001390 (HMDB)
5'-HydroxycotinineMetaboliteHMDB0001427 (HMDB)
AOX1GeneProduct316 (Entrez Gene)
CYP2A6GeneProduct1548 (Entrez Gene)
CYP2B6GeneProduct1555 (Entrez Gene)
Cotinine N-oxideMetaboliteHMDB0001411 (HMDB)
CotinineMetaboliteHMDB0001046 (HMDB)
CotinineglucuronideMetaboliteHMDB0001013 (HMDB)
FMO3GeneProduct2328 (Entrez Gene)
Nicotine iminium ionMetaboliteHMDB0001010 (HMDB)
Nicotine-GlucMetaboliteHMDB0001272 (HMDB)
Nicotine-N-oxideMetaboliteHMDB0001497 (HMDB)
NicotineMetaboliteHMDB0001934 (HMDB)
NornicotineMetaboliteHMDB0001126 (HMDB)
UGT1A4GeneProduct54657 (Entrez Gene)
UGT1A9GeneProduct54600 (Entrez Gene)

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