miRNAs involved in DNA damage response (Homo sapiens)

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161431274, 615, 2412, 17, 23112031301815315161522167, 91531191652910168126222821, 287, 9132028142025206gene productmicroRNAgene product used more than once in this pathwayinhibitionconsistsofmicroRNA clusteractivationhsa-miR-449c/449a clusterhsa-mir-21hsa-mir-371hsa-mir-374b/421 clusterhsa-mir-449bhsa-mir-16RAD52hsa-mir-450ahsa-mir-203hsa-miR-223 genehsa-mir-15bhsa-mir-373E2F1hsa-mir-3074CDKN1BCCNE1hsa-mir-15a/16-1 clusterhsa-mir-222hsa-mir-145CDC25A2CCND1hsa-mir-181bhsa-miR-203 genehsa-mir-449chsa-miR-21geneCDK6hsa-mir-15ahsa-mir-330hsa-mir-23ahsa-mir-20ahsa-mir-23a/24-2 clusterhsa-mir-29chsa-mir-15b/16-2 clusterhsa-mir-27bhsa-mir-210ABL1hsa-miR-29b-1/29a clusterhsa-mir-29bATMTP53hsa-mir-374bhsa-mir-29ahsa-mir-23b/24-1 clusterhsa-mir-93hsa-mir-503hsa-mir-25hsa-miR-222/221 clusterhsa-mir-143hsa-mir-497hsa-mir-100hsa-mir-371/373 clusterCCND3hsa-mir-18ahsa-mir-372hsa-miR-330 genehsa-let-7ac-MycH2AFXhsa-mir-34bCREB1has-mir-181a-2/181b-2 clusterhas-mir-181a-1/181b-1 clusterhsa-mir-34chsa-mir-27ahsa-mir-19bhsa-mir-542hsa-mir-450bhsa-mir-195hsa-mir-424hsa-let-7a-1/7d clusterhsa-mir-181ac-Mychsa-miR-17/92a-1 clusterhsa-mir-34b/34c clusterCDKN1Ahsa-mir-221hsa-mir-223hsa-mir-106bhsa-mir-449ahsa-mir-143/145 clusterhsa-mir-421hsa-mir-24hsa-miR-29b-2/29c clusterhas-miR-195/497 clusterhsa-mir-17has-let-7a-2/100 clusterhsa-mir-19ahsa-let-7dhsa-let-7fhsa-miR-424/450b clusterCCND1hsa-let-7a-3/7b clusterhsa-mir-92aE2F1hsa-miR-210 genehsa-mir-23bhsa-let-7bhsa-miR-106b/25 cluster


MicroRNA clusters involved in de DNA damage response. Genes they regulated and genes that regulate them. All genes presented in this pathway can also be found in the pathway "DNA damage response(Homo sapiens)". More info can be found there.


This pathway show all microRNA gene cluster involed in the wikipathway pathway "DNA damage response (Homo sapiens)". More info can be found there.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABL1GeneProduct25 (Entrez Gene)
ATMGeneProduct472 (Entrez Gene)
CCND1GeneProduct595 (Entrez Gene)
CCND3GeneProduct896 (Entrez Gene)
CCNE1GeneProduct898 (Entrez Gene)
CDC25A2GeneProduct993 (Entrez Gene)
CDK6GeneProduct1021 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN1AGeneProduct1026 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN1BGeneProduct1027 (Entrez Gene)
CREB1GeneProduct1385 (Entrez Gene)
E2F1GeneProduct1869 (Entrez Gene)
H2AFXGeneProduct3014 (Entrez Gene)
RAD52GeneProduct5893 (Entrez Gene)
TP53GeneProduct7157 (Entrez Gene)
c-MycGeneProduct4609 (Entrez Gene)
has-let-7a-2/100 clusterGeneProduct
has-miR-195/497 clusterGeneProduct
has-mir-181a-1/181b-1 clusterGeneProduct
has-mir-181a-2/181b-2 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-let-7a-1/7d clusterGeneProduct
hsa-let-7a-3/7b clusterGeneProduct
hsa-let-7aGeneProductENSG00000199165 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-let-7bGeneProductENSG00000207875 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-let-7dGeneProductENSG00000199133 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-let-7fGeneProductENSG00000199072 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-miR-106b/25 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-17/92a-1 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-203 geneGeneProduct
hsa-miR-210 geneGeneProduct
hsa-miR-222/221 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-223 geneGeneProduct
hsa-miR-29b-1/29a clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-29b-2/29c clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-330 geneGeneProduct
hsa-miR-424/450b clusterGeneProduct
hsa-miR-449c/449a clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-100GeneProductENSG00000207994 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-106bGeneProductENSG00000208036 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-143/145 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-143GeneProductENSG00000208035 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-145GeneProductENSG00000207700 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-15a/16-1 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-15aGeneProductENSG00000207718 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-15b/16-2 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-15bGeneProductENSG00000207779 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-16GeneProductENSG00000208006 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-17GeneProductENSG00000207745 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-181aGeneProductENSG00000207759 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-181bGeneProductENSG00000207975 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-18aGeneProductENSG00000199180 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-195GeneProductENSG00000207929 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-19aGeneProductENSG00000207610 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-19bGeneProductENSG00000207560 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-203GeneProductENSG00000207568 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-20aGeneProductENSG00000199149 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-210GeneProductENSG00000199038 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-21GeneProductENSG00000199004 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-221GeneProductENSG00000207870 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-222GeneProductENSG00000207725 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-223GeneProductENSG00000207939 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-23a/24-2 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-23aGeneProductENSG00000207980 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-23b/24-1 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-23bGeneProductENSG00000207563 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-24GeneProductENSG00000207617 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-25GeneProductENSG00000207547 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-27aGeneProductENSG00000207808 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-27bGeneProductENSG00000207864 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29aGeneProductENSG00000198981 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29bGeneProductENSG00000207748 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29cGeneProductENSG00000207966 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-3074GeneProductMI0014181 (miRBase)
hsa-mir-330GeneProductENSG00000199066 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-34b/34c clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-34bGeneProductENSG00000207811 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-34cGeneProductENSG00000207562 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-371/373 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-371GeneProductENSG00000199031 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-372GeneProductENSG00000199095 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-373GeneProductENSG00000199143 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-374b/421 clusterGeneProduct
hsa-mir-374bGeneProductENSG00000212027 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-421GeneProductENSG00000202566 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-424GeneProductENSG00000199097 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-449aGeneProductENSG00000198983 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-449bGeneProductENSG00000207728 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-449cGeneProductMI0003823 (miRBase)
hsa-mir-450aGeneProductENSG00000207755 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-450bGeneProductENSG00000216001 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-497GeneProductENSG00000207791 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-503GeneProductENSG00000208005 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-542GeneProductENSG00000207784 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-92aGeneProductENSG00000207968 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-93GeneProductENSG00000207757 (Ensembl Human)

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