miRNA regulation of DNA damage response (Homo sapiens)

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452348486, 11, 12, 17, 21...9, 32156, 11, 12, 17, 21...34362639141948338163932483313313414848484486, 11, 12, 17, 21...484648453, 163744201828266, 11, 12, 17, 21...1, 6, 10, 31, 3515156, 11, 12, 17, 21...6, 11, 12, 17, 21...47303548403, 1674248153, 1620183315203, 1641, 433483920183345323, 166, 11, 12, 17, 21...Blocked transcriptionG2/M checkpointEndogenous:Collapsed replication forksSingle stranded DNA replication breaksFree radicals (ROS)Cell-cycle progressionChromatin alterationDouble-strand breaksDNA adductDNA damage sourceAlkylating agentsmiR polycistronDifferent pathwayBulky DNA lesionG2/MCheckpointTextDNA repair and damage preventionChange in the Cell conditionTextReplication stressPathway LinkROSG2/M transitionTextCell membraneSpecialized:Somatic hypermutaionV(D)J recombinationClass switchingDNA repairChromatinremodellingExogenous:Cigarette SmokeCaffeineRadiation (UV)ClastogenesHypoxiaGenotoxic drugsG1/S transitionCellDNA damage ATM dependentInhibitionBlocked replicationActivationMetabolitemicroRNAMitochondrial membraneCaption:Extral cellularSpaceROSGene productCell survivalRAD51hsa-mir-21Estradiolhsa-mir-16CASP9TLK2CCNB2GADD45BCCND3CDK5CHEK1NBNRPA2CCNG1hsa-mir-222hsa-mir-15b/16-2PRKDCApoptosisE2F1BIDhsa-mir-34bhsa-mir-330BAXH2AFXCCNE2RRM2BPMAIP1BRCA1hsa-mir-373CASP8hsa-mir-424FANCD2CDC25ASFNCDK6CCNB3hsa-mir-34b/34cSESN1CCNB1hsa-mir-17HUS1hsa-miR-106b/25hsa-mir-449ahsa-mir-106bhsa-miR-17/92a-1hsa-mir-16DDB2CDK4hsa-mir-203hsa-mir-145RB1hsa-mir-24hsa-mir-143/145CDK1hsa-mir-15a/16-1GADD45GSMC1AMDM2hsa-mir-221TNFRSF10BABL1ATMCREB1CDK2BBC3ATRMRE11has-miR-195/497hsa-miR-449c/449aRFCCell Cyclehsa-mir-29cCDC25CGADD45ARAD9ATP53AIP1RAD52CASP3hsa-mir-181ahsa-mir-210hsa-mir-17hsa-mir-16PMLE2F17-hydroxystaurosporinehsa-mir-15aATRIPhsa-mir-449aCCND1hsa-let-7a-1/7dhsa-mir-29aRB1CDKN1ACaffeineTLK1miR-143/145 polycistronGADD45GGADD45ARAD17hsa-mir-421hsa-mir-15b/16-2CCNE1Senescencehsa-mir-29bGADD45Bhsa-mir-122PIDDCYCSAPAF1CHEK2hsa-mir-20aCDKN1BRAD50FASRAD1hsa-miR-29b-1/29aCCND2hsa-mir-223hsa-mir-195c-Mychsa-mir-449bTP53


This is the first out of two pathways which deals with the DNA damage response. It is comprised of two central gene products (ATM and ATR) influenced by different sources of DNA damage (in blue). The two central genes can both be divides into their most important genes. For the ATM pathway these are TP53 and CHEK2, while CHEK1 is most important for the ATR pathway.

The goal of this first pathway is to provide an overview of the most important gene products, processes and changes in cell condition elicited by the DNA damage response while keeping it clear and understandable. Also some microRNAs are implemented to visualize the possible effects they can induce. By doing so a better understanding of the role microRNA play in the DNA damage response might arise.

All processes take place in the cytoplasm, except when mentioned differently.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
7-hydroxystaurosporineMetabolite65225 (Chemspider)
ABL1GeneProductENSG00000097007 (Ensembl Human)
APAF1GeneProductENSG00000120868 (Ensembl Human)
ATMGeneProductENSG00000149311 (Ensembl Human)
ATRGeneProductENSG00000175054 (Ensembl Human)
ATRIPGeneProduct84126 (Entrez Gene)
ApoptosisPathwayWP254 (WikiPathways)
BAXGeneProductENSG00000087088 (Ensembl Human)
BBC3GeneProductENSG00000105327 (Ensembl Human)
BIDGeneProductENSG00000015475 (Ensembl Human)
BRCA1GeneProductENSG00000012048 (Ensembl Human)
CASP3GeneProductENSG00000164305 (Ensembl Human)
CASP8GeneProductENSG00000064012 (Ensembl Human)
CASP9GeneProductENSG00000132906 (Ensembl Human)
CCNB1GeneProductENSG00000134057 (Ensembl Human)
CCNB2GeneProductENSG00000157456 (Ensembl Human)
CCNB3GeneProductENSG00000147082 (Ensembl Human)
CCND1GeneProductENSG00000110092 (Ensembl Human)
CCND2GeneProductENSG00000118971 (Ensembl Human)
CCND3GeneProductENSG00000112576 (Ensembl Human)
CCNE1GeneProductENSG00000105173 (Ensembl Human)
CCNE2GeneProductENSG00000175305 (Ensembl Human)
CCNG1GeneProductENSG00000113328 (Ensembl Human)
CDC25AGeneProductENSG00000164045 (Ensembl Human)
CDC25CGeneProductENSG00000158402 (Ensembl Human)
CDK1GeneProductENSG00000170312 (Ensembl Human)
CDK2GeneProductENSG00000123374 (Ensembl Human)
CDK4GeneProductENSG00000135446 (Ensembl Human)
CDK5GeneProductENSG00000164885 (Ensembl Human)
CDK6GeneProductENSG00000105810 (Ensembl Human)
CDKN1AGeneProductENSG00000124762 (Ensembl Human)
CDKN1BGeneProductENSG00000111276 (Ensembl Human)
CHEK1GeneProductENSG00000149554 (Ensembl Human)
CHEK2GeneProductENSG00000183765 (Ensembl Human)
CREB1GeneProduct1385 (Entrez Gene)
CYCSGeneProductENSG00000172115 (Ensembl Human)
CaffeineMetabolite2424 (Chemspider)
Cell CyclePathwayWP179
DDB2GeneProductENSG00000134574 (Ensembl Human)
E2F1GeneProductENSG00000101412 (Ensembl Human)
EstradiolMetabolite16469 (ChEBI)
FANCD2GeneProductENSG00000144554 (Ensembl Human)
FASGeneProductENSG00000026103 (Ensembl Human)
GADD45AGeneProductENSG00000116717 (Ensembl Human)
GADD45BGeneProductENSG00000099860 (Ensembl Human)
GADD45GGeneProductENSG00000130222 (Ensembl Human)
H2AFXGeneProductENSG00000188486 (Ensembl Human)
HUS1GeneProductENSG00000188996 (Ensembl Human)
MDM2GeneProductENSG00000135679 (Ensembl Human)
MRE11GeneProduct4361 (Entrez Gene)
NBNGeneProduct4683 (Entrez Gene)
PIDDGeneProduct55367 (Entrez Gene)
PMAIP1GeneProductENSG00000141682 (Ensembl Human)
PMLGeneProductENSG00000140464 (Ensembl Human)
PRKDCGeneProductENSG00000121031 (Ensembl Human)
RAD17GeneProductENSG00000152942 (Ensembl Human)
RAD1GeneProductENSG00000113456 (Ensembl Human)
RAD50GeneProductENSG00000113522 (Ensembl Human)
RAD51GeneProductENSG00000051180 (Ensembl Human)
RAD52GeneProductENSG00000002016 (Ensembl Human)
RAD9AGeneProductENSG00000172613 (Ensembl Human)
RB1GeneProductENSG00000139687 (Ensembl Human)
RFCGeneProduct5981 (Entrez Gene)
RPA2GeneProductENSG00000117748 (Ensembl Human)
RRM2BGeneProductENSG00000048392 (Ensembl Human)
SESN1GeneProductENSG00000080546 (Ensembl Human)
SFNGeneProductENSG00000175793 (Ensembl Human)
SMC1AGeneProductENSG00000072501 (Ensembl Human)
TLK1GeneProductENSG00000198586 (Ensembl Human)
TLK2GeneProductENSG00000146872 (Ensembl Human)
TNFRSF10BGeneProductENSG00000120889 (Ensembl Human)
TP53AIP1GeneProductENSG00000120471 (Ensembl Human)
TP53GeneProductENSG00000141510 (Ensembl Human)
c-MycGeneProduct4609 (Entrez Gene)
hsa-miR-106b/25GeneProduct4176 (Entrez Gene)
hsa-miR-17/92a-1GeneProductENSG00000215417 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-miR-449c/449aGeneProduct166979 (Entrez Gene)
hsa-mir-106bRnaENSG00000208036 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-122GeneProductENSG00000207778 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-145RnaENSG00000207700 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-15aRnaENSG00000207718 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-16RnaENSG00000208006 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-17RnaENSG00000207745 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-181aRnaENSG00000207759 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-195RnaENSG00000207929 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-203GeneProductENSG00000207568 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-20aGeneProductENSG00000199149 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-210GeneProductENSG00000199038 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-21RnaENSG00000199004 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-221RnaENSG00000207870 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-222RnaENSG00000207725 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-223GeneProductENSG00000207939 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-24GeneProductENSG00000207617 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29aRnaENSG00000198981 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29bRnaENSG00000207748 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-29cRnaENSG00000207966 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-330GeneProductENSG00000199066 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-34bRnaENSG00000207811 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-373GeneProductENSG00000199143 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-421RnaENSG00000202566 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-424RnaENSG00000199097 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-449aRnaENSG00000198983 (Ensembl Human)
hsa-mir-449bRnaENSG00000207728 (Ensembl Human)
miR-143/145 polycistronGeneProduct

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