Sphingolipid pathway (Homo sapiens)

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3, 421(DH)Cer synthasesDHSMACER1CerS2KDSRSGPP2C16:1-alGAL3ST1S1P lyaseSoP lyase1DihydroceramideCeramidesDihydrosphingosineSPHK23-ketodihydroshpingosineSphingosineSMS1ASAH1ACER1SPT3SerineCerS3DHLacCerPPAP2ASPT1CERKASAH2Fumonisins B1SPHK1CERTDHGlcCerCerS1CDaseSGPP2PhosphataseASAH2SPHK1Sphingosine 1-phosphatePP1B4GALT6CerS5SPHK2SPT2Ethanolamine phosphateFVT1PPAP2ACerS4DHGalCer3-ketosphinganineSa 1-phosphateASAH1DHSTSMS2Palmityl-CoADHCer1PC16:0-alSphinganineCerS6Cer1PCERTGalCerSphingomyelinSMS2GlcCerSMS1LactosylceramideGAL3ST1CERKSulfatideB4GALT6PP2A(DH)Cer synthasesCerS1CerS6CerS5CerS4CerS3CerS2CERTGBAGlucosylceramidaseGBA2GalCer synthaseGlcCer synthaseGalCer synthaseGlcCer synthaseDEGS2DEGS1Dihydroceramide desaturaseSGMS2SGMS1SGPL1


The sphingolipid metabolites and genes (with the gene abbreviations shown in boxes, or enzyme names where gene names are ambiguous) are given for the condensation of serine and palmitoyl-CoA to form 3-ketosphinganine (3-ketoSa) by serine palmitoyltransferase, which is reduced to sphinganine (Sa), acylated to dihydroceramides, DHCer, by (DH)Cer synthases, and incorporated into more complex DH-sphingolipids (the 1-phosphate, DHCerP, sphingomyelins, DHSM, glucosylceramides, DHGlcCer, galactosylceramides, DHGalCer, lactosylceramides, DHLacCer, and sulfatides, or desaturated to Cer followed by headgroup addition. Also included are a number of the catabolic genes, e.g., sphingomyelinases, SMases, ceramidases, ASAH, sphingosine kinases, for the formation of sphinganine 1-phosphate (Sa1P) and sphingosine 1-phosphate (So1P), and phosphatases for the reverse reaction and the lyase that cleaves sphingoid base 1-phosphates to ethanolamine phosphate (EP), hexadecanal (C16:0al) and hexadecenal (C16:1al).

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
3-ketodihydroshpingosineMetaboliteQ27109281 (Wikidata)
3-ketosphinganineMetaboliteCHEBI:17862 (ChEBI)
ACER1GeneProductENSG00000167769 (Ensembl Human) (dihydro)ceramide synthases. ASAH3 is old name of ACER1
ASAH1GeneProduct427 (Entrez Gene) (dihydro)ceramide synthases
ASAH2GeneProduct56624 (Entrez Gene)
B4GALT6GeneProduct9331 (Entrez Gene)
CDaseProtein3.5.1.23 (Enzyme Nomenclature) Ceramidase
CERKGeneProduct64781 (Entrez Gene)
CERTGeneProductENSG00000113163 (Ensembl Human)
Cer1PMetaboliteCHEBI:13956 (ChEBI)
CerS1GeneProduct57515 (Entrez Gene)
CerS2GeneProduct29956 (Entrez Gene)
CerS3GeneProduct204219 (Entrez Gene)
CerS4GeneProduct79603 (Entrez Gene)
CerS5GeneProduct91012 (Entrez Gene)
CerS6GeneProduct253782 (Entrez Gene)
CeramidesMetaboliteHMDB04949 (HMDB)
DEGS1MetaboliteQ21105760 (Wikidata)
DEGS2MetaboliteQ21115762 (Wikidata)
DHCer1PMetaboliteQ37611218 (Wikidata) C16 Dihydroceramide-1-Phosphate
DHGalCerMetaboliteC16 Dihydro-GalactoCerebroside
DHGlcCerMetaboliteLMSP0501AA04 (LIPID MAPS) C16 Dihydro-Glucosyl- ceramide
DHLacCerMetaboliteLMSP0501AB14 (LIPID MAPS) C16 DihydroLactosylceramide
DHSMMetaboliteLMSP030100A0 (LIPID MAPS) dihydrosphingomyelin
DHSTMetaboliteWhere does this abbreviation stand for? dihydrosterigmatocystin?!
Dihydroceramide desaturaseMetaboliteQ17117943 (Wikidata)
DihydroceramideMetaboliteHMDB06752 (HMDB)
DihydrosphingosineMetaboliteQ27088847 (Wikidata)
Ethanolamine phosphateMetaboliteCHEBI:17553 (ChEBI)
FVT1GeneProduct2531 (Entrez Gene)
Fumonisins B1MetaboliteQ420762 (Wikidata)
GAL3ST1GeneProduct9514 (Entrez Gene)
GBA2Protein57704 (Entrez Gene) protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A)
GBAProtein2629 (Entrez Gene) protein phosphatase 1 (PP1)
GalCer synthaseMetaboliteQ18032287 (Wikidata) UGT8 / CGT
GalCerMetaboliteCHEBI:36498 (ChEBI)
GlcCer synthaseMetaboliteQ22678664 (Wikidata) glucosylceramide synthase (GCS)
GlcCerMetaboliteHMDB00140 (HMDB) Glucosylceramide
GlucosylceramidaseProtein3.2.1.45 (Enzyme Nomenclature) Glucosylceramidase
KDSRGeneProductENSG00000119537 (Ensembl) 3-ketodihydrosphingosine reductase
LactosylceramideMetaboliteHMDB06750 (HMDB)
PP1Protein5499 (Entrez Gene) protein phosphatase 1 (PP1)
PP2AProtein5515 (Entrez Gene) protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A)
PPAP2AGeneProduct8611 (Entrez Gene)
Palmityl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB01338 (HMDB)
PhosphataseProtein3.1.3.16 (Enzyme Nomenclature) protein-serine/threonine phosphatase
S1P lyaseProtein4.1.2.27 (Enzyme Nomenclature) sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) lyase
SGMS1MetaboliteQ18053901 (Wikidata) Sphingomyelin synthase 1
SGMS2MetaboliteQ21123432 (Wikidata) Sphingomyelin synthase 2
SGPL1GeneProductENSG00000166224 (Ensembl) sphinganine-1-phosphate
SGPP2GeneProduct130367 (Entrez Gene)
SMS1ProteinQ86VZ5 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SMS2ProteinQ8NHU3 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SPHK1GeneProduct8877 (Entrez Gene)
SPHK2GeneProduct56848 (Entrez Gene)
SPT1GeneProduct10558 (Entrez Gene)
SPT2GeneProduct9517 (Entrez Gene)
SPT3GeneProduct55304 (Entrez Gene)
Sa 1-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB01383 (HMDB) sphinganine-1-phosphate
SerineMetaboliteHMDB00187 (HMDB)
SoP lyase1GeneProduct4.1.2.27 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
SphinganineMetaboliteHMDB00269 (HMDB)
SphingomyelinMetaboliteHMDB01348 (HMDB)
Sphingosine 1-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB00277 (HMDB)
SphingosineMetaboliteHMDB00252 (HMDB)
SulfatideMetaboliteHMDB00024 (HMDB)

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