Androgen receptor signaling pathway (Homo sapiens)

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530, 663144, 245643132, 158326, 33887, 346, 451239, 291, 500183, 44112, 161102102, 203270, 282, 55676, 643144, 245313239, 345239, 432, 566148, 361, 462239, 385130, 239239, 669616, 662313465, 52227, 106, 143, 147260, 299226, 594, 628301, 578102, 412102, 412102, 412292, 293, 483, 505313356, 458119, 358180, 657239, 292, 29352, 502290, 385, 41378, 35150011, 599239, 672180, 250, 314, 657199, 294281, 373101, 153, 170, 239259, 456224, 239449, 571132, 15892, 239239, 272133, 530184, 247, 566108, 387239, 459, 59822, 339, 388, 471Negative regulatorsPositive regulatorsAndrogenAndrogen Receptor Signaling PathwayNUBAG1ARCDKN1AUBE3APSMC3IPRHOBNCOR1RAC1BMFPIAS1KAT2BRUNX2SMAD3RAD9AKLK3AESPTK2PAK6DSTNNCOR2RNF6ZMIZ1STAT3NR2C2STUB1HDAC1SIN3ADAXXEFCAB6FKBP4NCOA3KDM1ASMARCE1PRDX1SUMO1EGFRROCK2MYST2RELAPPAP2APIK3R2SP1LIMK2RLN1Actin polymerizationRHOARB1ROCK1CREB1PIAS3SIRT1PARK7TGIF1PATZ1TZFARMDM2CARM1SMAD4FOXO1CDC42GTPPPPP102, 203P623, 657ETV5NR0B2CAV1SRCNCOA1134, 339, 388, 460RANRNF14PIAS4FLNAEP300286, 370, 391CTNNB1GNB2L1239, 468CALR339, 429, 503PIK3R1P102, 182AKT1P182, 573478, 499PTEN28, 239, 563ARP239, 354UBE2I650, 661369, 463PIAS2AR136, 254, 283, 384, 440...BRCA1CCND1219, 396416, 517FHL2CREBBPNCOA4JUNNCOA2GSK3BTGFB1I1AR251, 631CYEnzyme complexInhibitionAuto catalysisTransportPositive regulation of gene expressionLeads to through unknown mechanismNegative regulation of gene expressionTranslocation UbiquitinationDeubiquitinationSumoylationInduced catalysisProtein-protein interactionAcetylationDephosphorylationLEGENDPhosphorylationProteinmRNAProteinReceptorLigandDeacetylationGolgi apparatusEndosomeNucleusMitochondrionDesumoylationMethylationDemethylationPalmitoylationCytoplasmECPlasma membraneMTEndoplasmic reticulumCYPMGONUExtracellularERENProteolytic cleavageAndrogenAndrogen393, 493182AR100, 186, 239, 291, 500Androgen140, 215102, 412416, 517KAT5CCNE1530, 663256, 530RNF4313, 611385


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  1. Kandasamy K, Mohan SS, Raju R, Keerthikumar S, Kumar GS, Venugopal AK, Telikicherla D, Navarro JD, Mathivanan S, Pecquet C, Gollapudi SK, Tattikota SG, Mohan S, Padhukasahasram H, Subbannayya Y, Goel R, Jacob HK, Zhong J, Sekhar R, Nanjappa V, Balakrishnan L, Subbaiah R, Ramachandra YL, Rahiman BA, Prasad TS, Lin JX, Houtman JC, Desiderio S, Renauld JC, Constantinescu SN, Ohara O, Hirano T, Kubo M, Singh S, Khatri P, Draghici S, Bader GD, Sander C, Leonard WJ, Pandey A; ''NetPath: a public resource of curated signal transduction pathways.''; Genome Biol, 2010 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AESProtein166 (Entrez Gene)
AKT1Protein207 (Entrez Gene)
ARGeneProduct367 (Entrez Gene)
Actin polymerization
BAG1Protein573 (Entrez Gene)
BMFRna90427 (Entrez Gene)
BRCA1Protein672 (Entrez Gene)
CALRProtein811 (Entrez Gene)
CARM1Protein10498 (Entrez Gene)
CAV1Protein857 (Entrez Gene)
CCND1Protein595 (Entrez Gene)
CCNE1Protein898 (Entrez Gene)
CDC42Protein998 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN1ARna1026 (Entrez Gene)
CREB1Protein1385 (Entrez Gene)
CREBBPProtein1387 (Entrez Gene)
CTNNB1Protein1499 (Entrez Gene)
DAXXProtein1616 (Entrez Gene)
DSTNProtein11034 (Entrez Gene)
EFCAB6Protein64800 (Entrez Gene)
EGFRProtein1956 (Entrez Gene)
EP300Protein2033 (Entrez Gene)
ETV5GeneProduct2119 (Entrez Gene)
FHL2Protein2274 (Entrez Gene)
FKBP4Protein2288 (Entrez Gene)
FLNAProtein2316 (Entrez Gene)
FOXO1Protein2308 (Entrez Gene)
GNB2L1GeneProduct10399 (Entrez Gene)
GSK3BProtein2932 (Entrez Gene)
HDAC1Protein3065 (Entrez Gene)
JUNProtein3725 (Entrez Gene)
KAT2BProtein8850 (Entrez Gene)
KAT5Protein10524 (Entrez Gene)
KDM1AProtein23028 (Entrez Gene)
KLK3Protein354 (Entrez Gene)
LIMK2Protein3985 (Entrez Gene)
LigandGeneProduct7040 (Entrez Gene)
MDM2Protein4193 (Entrez Gene)
MYST2Protein11143 (Entrez Gene)
NCOA1Protein8648 (Entrez Gene)
NCOA2Protein10499 (Entrez Gene)
NCOA3Protein8202 (Entrez Gene)
NCOA4Protein8031 (Entrez Gene)
NCOR1Protein9611 (Entrez Gene)
NCOR2Protein9612 (Entrez Gene)
NR0B2GeneProduct8431 (Entrez Gene)
NR2C2Protein7182 (Entrez Gene)
PAK6GeneProduct56924 (Entrez Gene)
PARK7Protein11315 (Entrez Gene)
PATZ1Protein23598 (Entrez Gene)
PIAS1Protein8554 (Entrez Gene)
PIAS3Protein10401 (Entrez Gene)
PIAS4Protein51588 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R1Protein5295 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R2Protein5296 (Entrez Gene)
PPAP2ARna8611 (Entrez Gene)
PRDX1Protein5052 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC3IPProtein29893 (Entrez Gene)
PTENProtein5728 (Entrez Gene)
PTK2Protein5747 (Entrez Gene) DHT and testosterone induces phosphorylation of FAK in LNCaP cells.
ProteinProtein5894 (Entrez Gene)
RAC1Protein5879 (Entrez Gene)
RAD9AProtein5883 (Entrez Gene)
RANProtein5901 (Entrez Gene)
RB1Protein5925 (Entrez Gene)
RELAProtein5970 (Entrez Gene)
RHOAProtein387 (Entrez Gene)
RHOBProtein388 (Entrez Gene)
RNF14GeneProduct9604 (Entrez Gene)
RNF4Protein6047 (Entrez Gene)
RNF6Rna6049 (Entrez Gene)
ROCK1Protein6093 (Entrez Gene)
ROCK2Protein9475 (Entrez Gene)
RUNX2Protein860 (Entrez Gene)
ReceptorGeneProduct7040 (Entrez Gene)
SIRT1Protein23411 (Entrez Gene)
SMAD3Protein4088 (Entrez Gene)
SMAD4Protein4089 (Entrez Gene)
SMARCE1Protein6605 (Entrez Gene)
SP1Protein6667 (Entrez Gene)
SRCProtein6714 (Entrez Gene)
STAT3Protein6774 (Entrez Gene)
STUB1Protein10273 (Entrez Gene)
SUMO1Protein7341 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB1I1Protein7041 (Entrez Gene)
TZFProtein24149 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2IProtein7329 (Entrez Gene)
UBE3AProtein7337 (Entrez Gene)
ZMIZ1Protein57178 (Entrez Gene)

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