Acetylcholine Synthesis (Bos taurus)

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1*Synaptic Cleft**Cytosol*Acetyl CoACHATPDHA2GlycerophosphocholinePhosphatidylethanolamineAcetatePhosphorylcholinePhosphatidylcholineAcetylcholinePEMTPCYT1APyruvate from GlycolysisPDHA1CholineCholineACHECytidine diphosphate cholineCHKA


Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter. It can be rapidly released in the synaptic cleft upon activation of the neuron. In the synaptic cleft the compound is degraded rapidly into choline and acetate, this is essential for proper neuronal functioning. Choline and Acetate are taken up into the cytosol and recycled for the next activation.


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP528(79855) with a 100.0% conversion rate.

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  1. Blusztajn JK, Wurtman RJ; ''Choline and cholinergic neurons.''; Science, 1983 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACHEGeneProductENSBTAG00000001139 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:43
AcetateMetabolite64-19-7 (CAS)
Acetyl CoAMetabolite72-89-9 (CAS)
AcetylcholineMetabolite51-84-3 (CAS)
CHATGeneProductENSBTAG00000016814 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:1103
CHKAGeneProductENSBTAG00000010304 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:1119
CholineMetabolite62-49-7 (CAS)
Cytidine diphosphate cholineMetaboliteHMDB01413 (HMDB)
GlycerophosphocholineMetabolite28319-77-9 (CAS)
PCYT1AGeneProductENSBTAG00000016979 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:5130
PDHA1GeneProductENSBTAG00000019852 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:5160
PDHA2GeneProductENSBTAG00000026250 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:5161
PEMTGeneProductENSBTAG00000016432 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = L:10400
PhosphatidylcholineMetaboliteHMDB00564 (HMDB)
PhosphatidylethanolamineMetaboliteHMDB60501 (HMDB)
PhosphorylcholineMetaboliteHMDB01565 (HMDB)
Pyruvate from GlycolysisMetaboliteHMDB00243 (HMDB)

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