Statin Pathway (Mus musculus)

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1StatinVLDLTissuesPlasmaHDLCholesterol EsterTriglyceridesIDLFree FACell MembraneLiver cellPhospholipidLDLApoeApoa4LplMttpDgat1CetpApoc2Apoc3LipcLrp1CholesterolApoa1Abca1Scarb1Cyp7a1PltpHmgcrCholesterolLcatSoat1Acetyl-CoACholic acidApoc1Ldlr


What are statins? See Wikipedia at: More about this pathway and statins:

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  1. Chen H, Ikeda U, Shimpo M, Shimada K; ''Direct effects of statins on cells primarily involved in atherosclerosis.''; Hypertens Res, 2000 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Abca1GeneProduct11303 (Entrez Gene)
Acetyl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB01206 (HMDB)
Apoa1GeneProduct11806 (Entrez Gene)
Apoa4GeneProduct11808 (Entrez Gene)
Apoc1GeneProduct11812 (Entrez Gene)
Apoc2GeneProduct11813 (Entrez Gene)
Apoc3GeneProduct11814 (Entrez Gene)
ApoeGeneProduct11816 (Entrez Gene)
CetpGeneProductCetp (Entrez Gene)
CholesterolMetaboliteHMDB00067 (HMDB)
Cholic acidMetaboliteHMDB00619 (HMDB)
Cyp7a1GeneProduct13122 (Entrez Gene)
Dgat1GeneProduct13350 (Entrez Gene)
HmgcrGeneProduct15357 (Entrez Gene)
LcatGeneProduct16816 (Entrez Gene)
LdlrGeneProduct16835 (Entrez Gene)
LipcGeneProduct15450 (Entrez Gene)
LplGeneProduct16956 (Entrez Gene)
Lrp1GeneProduct16971 (Entrez Gene)
MttpGeneProduct17777 (Entrez Gene)
PltpGeneProduct18830 (Entrez Gene)
Scarb1GeneProduct20778 (Entrez Gene)
Soat1GeneProduct20652 (Entrez Gene)

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