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With the renewed interest in biodiesel production by Plants/Algae, it would be useful to assemble a curated pathway for lipid biosynthesis, including the pathways themselves, their compartmentation, and their regulation. It is rather frustrating that despite the availability of Arabidopsis (Plant) and Chlamydomonas (green alga) genomes, the integration of their metabolism in 'metabolic' sites significantly lags after that of other model organisms (animals and bacteria). Doing that will undoubtedly give a long-awaited push to the development of plant biology, comparative biology, and even improve the currently available pathways.

This is a great request. Can you help us with some leads on it by providing literature references. Or would you like to see mirrors of pathways listed by PlantCyc http://www.plantcyc.org:1555/PLANT/NEW-IMAGE?object=Lipid-Biosynthesis

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