Amino acid conjugation of benzoic acid (Homo sapiens)

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PhosphateAcetyl CoAGLYATL2GLYATGLYATL1Acyl-CoA synthetasehippuric acidBenzoyl-CoAglycinePhosphateBenzoic acidBenzoic acid AMP esterCoenzyme AAMPATP


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  1. Knights KM, Sykes MJ, Miners JO; ''Amino acid conjugation: contribution to the metabolism and toxicity of xenobiotic carboxylic acids.''; Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol, 2007 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AMPMetaboliteHMDB00045 (HMDB)
ATPMetaboliteHMDB00538 (HMDB)
Acetyl CoAMetabolite72-89-9 (CAS)
Acyl-CoA synthetaseGeneProduct55902 (Entrez Gene)
Benzoic acid AMP esterMetaboliteHMDB01870 (HMDB)
Benzoic acidMetaboliteHMDB01870 (HMDB)
Benzoyl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB02252 (HMDB)
Coenzyme AMetaboliteHMDB01423 (HMDB)
GLYATGeneProductENSG00000149124 (Ensembl)
GLYATL1GeneProductENSG00000166840 (Ensembl)
GLYATL2GeneProductENSG00000156689 (Ensembl)
PhosphateMetaboliteHMDB01429 (HMDB)
glycineMetaboliteHMDB00123 (HMDB)
hippuric acidMetaboliteHMDB00714 (HMDB)

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