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Pathway on Ebola virus on host (1)

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Dear Ellison,

Thank you for your nice work on the ebola virus pathway PW4217[1]. I changed some small things for this pathway - - I made all the lines of the ebola virus drawing a so called "graphical line". - I annotated several genes/proteins with identifiers (to make the pathway machine readable).

These identifiers were derived from PW 4180[2], which was I think the original version of PW4217. Please make sure that when you upload a changed pathway from pathvisio to WikiPathway, you select "Update" iso "Upload new". The duplicate pathway PW 4180 has now been "tagged for deletion", since PW4217 entails more relevant, up to date information now.

If you need any help with completing your pathway, don't be afraid to ask; we are more then happy to do so :). And if you would like to improve the pathway, hints are given in the form of quality tags (such as annotated nodes, add references etc.)

Kind regards,

DeniseSlenter 10:33, 09 April 2018 (UTC)

Hi Denise

My lab is up to send some pathways to wikipathways, and we wonder how we could upload a table os interactions, and if we could choose a format. We thought on having as columns 1) gene1 2) description of the effect on gene2 up to 140 characters 3) gene2 and 4) PubMed ID referencing the biointeraction. How can we upload the binteractions, in PathVisio?

thanks for helping! and

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