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My WikiPathways

Pathways of Interest

  • Interferons (type I,II,III), ISG pathways, Interleukins, Chemokines, TLRs, NLRs,other PRR pathways, ERBB family signaling, Cellular Senescence, Autophagy, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Quiescence, Pathways perturbed in breast cancer, Pathways regulated by p53, NFkB, STAT, ETS and IRF factors.


  • ...


About Me

iD This user has the ORCID identifier:
  • Real name: Shamith Samarajiwa
  • Work: University of Cambridge
  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Professional Interests: Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Cancer Genomics, Pathway Bioinformatics, Immunology
  • Contact: ...
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