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Hi Emilia,

If you need any tips about editing pathways, check out the help pages. The best way to add new genes and metabolites is to click on "Gene" Or "Met" buttons in the editing bar, then click on the canvas. You can double click on any data node on the canvas to open a search dialog. This helps you connect the data node object to database entries, ensuring accuracy and adding support for link-outs and data mapping.

For example, the estrogen receptor entries can be found by searching for "ESR". You get ESR1 and ESR2 as possible results. Click on either to set it. For estrogen itself, I looked it up in ChEBI and found this:, so you can enter "50114" as the ID and "ChEBI" as the data source, then it will be matched to the database and link-outs will work.

Post any questions you might have to our google group.

AlexanderPico 01:48, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

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