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Hi Jordi,

Just came accorss your PW WP4965 during my curation tasks. I noticed there where some unconnected lines (in the drawing of the SARS-COV virus), so I changed these lines to "graphical lines". There is a plugin for PathVisio available (typeConverter), which I used for this task. Further, I noticed that the reference didn't load properly. When you add a pubmed ID, you need to click "query pubmed", so all the required fields are filled in. When you've queried pubmed once for a specific ID, you can add it to other items in your pathway, by just adding the ID in the same field (then the information is loaded from the previous query). Hope this helps you improve (future) pathways!

Kind regards, Denise Slenter 09:37, 18 Sept 2020 (UTC)

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