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I annotated this compound with the KEGG Compound ID for 3beta-Hydroxysterol, however, that is just one example of an oxysterol. This pathway refers to the class of compounds 'oxysterols', for which it seems there is no suitable identifier... Is there a chemical ontology that could be used? It seems like there should be. In the end I went with the Wikipedia article of the same name.

Another alternative would be to allow a new 'Metabolite class' object, and provide several compound annotations for the class... but that seems wrong now I think about it (the class should be defined externally to a pathway).

Oh, and I also found another bug, somehow, after originally opening the pathway editor, I was logged out of the site. Then when I came to save, it didn't warn me about not being logged in, instead it barfed, causing me to loose my changes. That would be painfully annoying if I had done any substantial editing.

Cheers, --Dmb 12:15, 23 August 2011 (UTC)

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