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a fragment of a discussion from Pathway Talk:WP430
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This is the right place to raise concerns about this pathway. You can also raise these discussions on the wikipathways-discuss google group, if you want to involve more folks than those with this pathway on their watchlist.

A) I guess both names are useful. I depends on the perspective of the person looking at it. Statins is perhaps the more specialized title, yet also of more general interest. I don't see much gain in changing the title at this point. Though there could be another pathway started called cholesterol biosynthesis.

B) Feel free to add relevant connections and participants to the pathway. The open, collaborative editing model here supports this sort of collective curation. If the edits take the pathway in a new direction or too far from original focus, I'd recommend starting a new pathway.

--AlexanderPico 01:01, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

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