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There have been no changes to this discussion for at least 30 days. If it is concluded, you may want to write a summary.

FYI: There are lots of uncurated Mt pathways already in WP that you can use as "starters". For example, one for TCA: WikiPathways admin 21:31, 12 September 2013 (UTC)

I have seen that one and tried to integrate this pathway there. This turned out to be quite difficult. In the end I choose to create a seperate pathway since this one is directly out of a open access publication, with quite some additional references. If this is problem I will put some more effort in trying to integrate both.

No problem at all. Just an FYI about that one and the many other Mt pathways previously uploaded that have yet to be curated and might be useful to you. We have an "external team" interested in Mt pathways if you want collaborators on these. Just let me know. - Alex Pico

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