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2021-02-16 - Our Snorql interface now has a feature to get a permanent link to a query.

2020-08-12 - Our endpoint now has a NEW Snorql interface!

2020-06-01 - Because OpenRiskNet cloud was not back yet, an alternative location was found.

2020-05-14 - Since this Wednesday the OpenRiskNet cloud where the SPARQL endpoint has been hosted is showing network issues. It is being explored.

2020-03-31 - The first COVID-19 pathways are now available in the RDF. We will try to update the RDF weekly for these.

2020-01-08 - A solution has been put in place, thanks to the OpenRiskNet project. The current SPARQL endpoint resides at http://sparql.wikipathways.org/sparql

2019-12-24 - Since the University of Maastricht is suffering from a cyber attack, our endpoint is not reachable. We're currently working on a solution!

2019-12-17 - The enpdoint is updated with December data, including additional quality checks with our Unit Tests.

2019-11-21 - The SPARQL enpdoint is updated with the November data.

2019-10-10 - The SPARQL enpdoint is updated every month with the Approved and Reactome data. We are supporting metabolite mappings to ChEBI, Chemspider, HMDB, LipidMaps, KEGG Compound, PubChem and Wikidata!

2018-11-18 - Five species have been added to the RDF: Equus caballus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Plasmodium falciparum, Populus trichocarpa, and Solanum lycopersicum.

2018-10-12 - Paper about how WikiPathways RDF is used to expose interactions via Open PHACTS

2018-01-01 - The RDF is being used to expose facts from WikiPathways as nanopublications.

2017-05-04 - This portal was created

2016-06-23 - Andra Waagmeester's Using the Semantic Web for Rapid Integration of WikiPathways with Other Biological Online Data Resources paper is published

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