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MECP2 and Associated Rett Syndrome (Homo sapiens)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (Homo sapiens)
Fanconi Anemia Pathway (Homo sapiens)
The effect of progerin on the involved genes in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (Homo sapiens)
Lamin A-processing pathway (Homo sapiens)
Viral Acute Myocarditis (Homo sapiens)
Disorders of Phenylalanine and Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) Metabolism
Tyrosine Metabolism
Sulphur Amino Acids
Disorders of Folate Metabolism and Transport
MTHFR deficiency (additonal pathway)
Vitamine B6-Dependent and Responsive Disorders
Molybdenum (Moco) cofactor biosynthesis
Cysteine and Methionine catabolism
Vitamin B12 Disorders
Thiamine Disorders
Disorders of the Krebs Cycle
Lysosomal Storage Disorders Including Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses
Neurotransmitter Disorders
Purine Disorders
Pyrimidine Disorders
Pathways Regulating Hippo Signaling
po-Merlin Signaling Dysregulation
Gamma-Glutamyl Cycle for the biosynthesis and degradation of glutathione, including diseases
Cerebral Organic Acidurias
Glycosylation and related congenital defects
Metabolic pathway of LDL, HDL and TG
Classical pathway of steroidogenesis, including diseases
The alternative pathway of fetal androgen synthesis
Fragile X Syndrome
WDR45 autophagy related pathway
Rett syndrome causing genes
Prion disease pathway
Envelope proteins and their potential roles in EDMD physiopathology
Parkinsons Disease Pathway
Alzheimers Disease
ERK Pathway in Huntington's Disease
22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome
Joubert Syndrome

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