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Welcome to the NetPath Portal!

NetPath is an open access manually annotated resource of ligand-receptor mediated signal transduction pathways. It is developed as a collaborative effort between the the PandeyLab at Johns Hopkins University and the Institute of Bioinformatics. The initial 10 cancer signaling pathways were developed in collaboration with the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and with Gary Bader's lab at the University of Toronto for the 'Cancer Cell Map'. Considering the importance of manually annotated signal transduction data, we have embarked on annotating pathways relevant to the immune system as well as other biomedically relevant ones which includes RANKL/RANK and Leptin. We have also come up with maps for the pathways present in NetPath. These maps, called NetSlim maps, were generated using high confidence reactions from NetPath. High confidence reactions in NetPath were identified using the NetSlim criteria.

The annotated pathways are freely available under an adaptive Creative Commons License. This license stipulates that the pathways may be used if adequate credit is given to the authors.

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