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  • Carotenoids and Vitamin A ( human, mouse)
  • Effects of Nitric Oxide with protective role of Vitamin C (human)
  • Folic acid network (human)
  • Iron metabolism in placenta (human)
  • Selenium metabolism/Selenoproteins (human)
  • Selenium network (human)
  • Thyroxine (Thyroid Hormone) production from iodide (human)
  • Vitamin B12, folate, one carbon metabolism (human, mouse, rat)
  • Vitamin D synthesis (human)


Ben van Ommen, Suzan Wopereis, Susan Coort, Michiel Adriaens, Estibaliz Goyenechea, Jildau Bouwman, Chris Evelo, Lucia Regina Ribeiro, Jerome Compain, Christine Kennedy, Lorraine Gambling and Grietje Holtrop.

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