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Welcome to the Micronutrients portal at WikiPathways. From this page, you can access and collaborate in the construction of pathways and networks focused on the biological activity of micronutrients. This portal is maintained by individual scientists collaborating in the Micronutrient Genomics Project (MGP). The project was described in a publication in Genes and Nutrition. In that paper the need for this portal was described as:

"Essentially, the micronutrient genetics project aims at identifying all relevant genetic variations related to the biological activity on a specific micronutrient. In doing so, we will organize this information in a biological perspective, i.e. pathway and biological network oriented visual browsers. Controversially, for many micronutrients the biological knowledge is still fragmented. Thus, a flexible and editable browser with both a wiki-editable and a permanent interface will be implemented. The genetic variation on specific genes will be derived from the basic databases embedded in the human variome project. A bioinformatics team is established that will construct and maintain these web-based interfaces."

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