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2022-07-16 - Seven new lipid signaling pathways, and three new metabolic lipid pathways have been added to this portal!

2021-06-23 - A new pathway on 7-oxo-C and 7-beta-HC pathways (WP5064) with data from Fig.4 and 5 from Griffiths et al (2020) has been created.

2021-02-26 - We have extended the pathway on Oxysterols derived from cholesterol (WP4545) with data from Fig.1, 2 and 3 from Griffiths et al (2020).

2020-10-13 - The EpiLipidNET project has started. See Twitter and the COST action info page.

2020-10-01 - A brand new pathway on Phosphoinositides metabolism (WP4971) is now available (Human).

2019-10-23 - All Mouse pathways (originally from LipidMaps) have been converted to Human! See WP4718 - WP4726 .

2019-08-21 - Pathway:WP4350 and Pathway:WP4351 on Omega 3 & 6 FA synthesis and Omega 9 and saturated FA synthesis (mouse) have been updated!

2019-08-19 - Pathway:WP4344 and Pathway:WP4690 on Sphingolipids (general overview) and Sphingolipids (integrated pathway) have been updated!

2019-08-16 - Pathway:WP4345 on Glycerolipids and Glycerophospholipids has been updated!

2019-01-29 - Pathway:WP4348 and Pathway:WP4349 on Eicosanoid metabolism by LOX and CYP (mouse) have been updated!

2019-01-25 - Pathway:WP4347 on Eicosanoid metabolism by COX (mouse) has been updated!

2019-01-21 - Pathway:WP4346 on Cholesterol metabolism (mouse) has been updated!

2019-01-11 - More pathways were added to the featured pathway list.

2018-10-11 - This portal was created.

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