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Is this pathway complete? (13)

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This pathway looks complete. If you can confirm that it is complete, it will be included in the GenMAPP distributed pathway archives.



Hi, this pathway is based on Kegg Pathway hsa04012 and I tried to make it complete, but I've found your curation tag about missing nodes, I reviewed them and I suppose they're right. For genes that have Entrez, I used it, for them that haven't I used Ensembl (i.e. EGF, AR, BTC...). Could you say me if I have to correct something? Thanks in advance, Luigi

This looks like an Ensembl specific problem, probably related to the recent changes in the synonym database. I'll look into it, it might be a bug in the software.


Hi Thomas, I've just annotated every nodes with NCBI-GeneID, after looked for them into corrispondent Kegg Pathway. I hope everything is ok now. Luigi

Great, the curation tag is gone. Thanks!

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