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New pathway? (1)

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Hi. I'm trying to understand this new pathway submission. It's a copy of WP382, but then you updated some nodes and removed many. You reference "this study" in a note added to the pathway. So, are you working on (1) a customized version of WP382 for a figure, or (2) an improved version of WP382 or (3) an alternate version of WP382 that describes alternative biology, e.g., in special conditions, or (4) something else?

If 1 or 2, then this should not be a new pathway, you should work on the existing one at WP382 to reduce redundancy. If 3, then this needs to be explained in the description and perhaps in the ontology tags. If 4, well... that also needs to be explained.

Green node fills would be removed if this pathway were to stay in the collection. The database should have "clean" nodes in these models so others can perfom data visualization, etc without conflicting.

Thanks! AlexanderPico 01:19, 5 October 2018 (UTC)

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