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I would like to suggest the following changes to the mitochondrial beta-oxidation pathway.

1. Gstt2 does not belong in the block acyl-coA synthase genes. Acsl5 should be included in the group.

2. Pecr and Ehhadh are peroxisomal (Px) transcripts and not involved in mitochondral(Mt) beta oxidation. Pecr should be changed to Decr1 (Gene id 67460)and Ehhadh which is the peroxisomal bifuntional protein should be removed and replaced with Hadha and Hadhb. Hadha and Hadhb are genes for subunits a and b of the mitochondrial trifunctional protein and should be shown reacting trans-delta-2-enoyl-CoA directly to acyl-CoA (n-2) and acetyl-CoA (steps 2,3, and 4 of the beta-oxidation).

3. A parallel pathway from trans-delta-2-enoyl-CoA should be added this goes through Echs1 to 3-Hydrocyacyl-CoA, through Hadhsc to 3-ketoacyl-CoA, and through Acaa2 to acyl-CoA (n-2) + acetyl-CoA.

4. Scp2 is also a Px enzyme though it may also be present in the Mt matrix; however, its function in Mt is not clear and the principle enzyme with 3-ketoacyl-coA thiolase activity is Acaa2.

I've emailed the original contributor. If they do not respond, I will take on these suggestions myself. Thanks for the feedback!

AlexanderPico 21:36, 10 April 2011 (UTC)

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