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Nice pathway! (5)

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This is a really nice and clear pathway! One minor thing that could be improved is to replace the Wnt and Bmp nodes with pathway nodes. The publication figure refers to "Wnt canonical signaling" and "BMP canonical signaling" for these two, rather than the Wnt and BMP gene products, as a way of including multiple events in a short0hand form without drawing each step. You can use a pathway node instead (in the drop-down next to gene nodes). For pathway nodes, the search function doesn't work, but you can manually assign a WikiPathways id and choose WikiPathways as data source. For Wnt signaling, you can use:

There is no BMP signaling pathway yet, just leave the identifier assignment blank for that node.


Thank you Dr. Hanspers. We have added the pathway nodes as directed and will keep this suggestion in mind for future pathways.

Great improvements! And please call me Kristina.

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