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New pathway is looking great (1)

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Nice progress on this new pathway. It looks like some of the connection angles were challenging to layout. I wonder if you know about the feature to set different line types (e.g., straight, elbow, curved). It's good to use straight lines whenever possible, but I think some of the interactions in this particular pathway might be easier to "read" is you used "elbow" type lines. Just right-click on the line to choose between the different types. AlexanderPico 09:14, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

Thank you for the suggestion Dr. Pico. Unfortunately, we have encountered a problem trying to reformat the arrows to a curved conformation: The arrows change how they look once the pathway is saved. Is there anything we are doing wrong when editing the arrows?

This is a known issue with the online viewer, there is no error on your part.

The flow of the diagram is difficult to follow. Referring to the original figure, which is easy to follow, I'd recommend another round of simply mirroring the original layout as much as possible and then simplifying the interactions.

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