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Hi Egon,

Is this pathway complete? The pathway is really small and I wonder if it is useful for analysis and/or visualization in its current state. Can you let us know what your plan is for this pathway?



Hi Kristina, thanks for the ping! Yeah, I agree, I am not done here... I guess I forgot about it... made a note, and will extend it asap.


Here too, it's hard to find the right literature. Heroin, like many drug, is heavily studied but finding the papers that actually contain metabolism info is hard to filter out. I have added some more detail now, but I would need a couple of days to do this properly...

You might at least want to add the heron metabolism is mainly first pass liver metabolism. Meaning that if you inject the stuff it doesn not have that first pass metabolism but instead crosses the blood barrier rapidly. That is described in WikiPedia but I did not check the references. If you agree I would draw two arrows from the heroin itself (or maybe form acetyl-morfin??) one annptated not just with the enzyme but also with a text saying ("first pass liver metabolism after oral uptake"). The other transporting across the blood brain barrier (annotated with "after injection rapidly passes into brain"

That sounds good to me. Of course, my interest here was just the breakdown, with in mind, but I do not mind at all mixing this with distribution of the drug in the body too.

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