Small Ligand GPCRs (Gallus gallus)

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MelatoninCannabinoidGq/G11 PathwayGq/G11 PathwayLysophosphatidicAcidGi PathwayPlatelet ActivatingProstanoidsCNR1TBXA2REDG3PTGIRMel-1CPTGFRMTNR1BPTGER4CNR2PTGDRPTGER2S1PR1EDG5EDG2PTGER1EDG6MTNR1APTAFRPTGER3


G protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) which are also known as seven-(pass)-transmembrane domain receptors, 7TM receptors, heptahelical receptors, serpentine receptor, and G protein–linked receptors (GPLR), constitute a large protein family of receptors that detect molecules outside the cell and activate internal signal transduction pathways and, ultimately, cellular responses. Coupling with G proteins, they are called seven-transmembrane receptors because they pass through the cell membrane seven times. Source: Wikipedia These small ligand receptors are part of the Rhodopsin-like family of GPCRs. Source: Wikipedia


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP247(r21199) with a 63% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CNR1GeneProduct428633 (Entrez Gene)
CNR2GeneProduct428232 (Entrez Gene)
CannabinoidMetaboliteCHEBI:67194 (ChEBI)
EDG2GeneProduct427339 (Entrez Gene)
EDG3GeneProduct431264 (Entrez Gene)
EDG6GeneProduct430495 (Entrez Gene)
Lysophosphatidic AcidMetaboliteCHEBI:74330 (ChEBI)
MTNR1AGeneProduct396319 (Entrez Gene)
MTNR1BGeneProduct396338 (Entrez Gene)
MelatoninMetaboliteCHEBI:16796 (ChEBI)
PTAFRGeneProduct428209 (Entrez Gene)
PTGER2GeneProduct100034745 (Entrez Gene)
PTGER3GeneProduct429116 (Entrez Gene)
PTGER4GeneProduct427183 (Entrez Gene)
PTGFRGeneProduct424548 (Entrez Gene)
ProstanoidsMetaboliteCHEBI:26347 (ChEBI)
S1PR1GeneProduct424462 (Entrez Gene)

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