Mitochondrial tRNA Synthetases (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

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MitochondrialTrpRSpre PheRSpre LysRSGluRSpre AspRSAspRSpre ArgRSpre HisRSMetRSpre ValRSIleRSpre TyrRSpre ThrRSpre LeuRSpre AsnRS


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AspRSGeneProductS000006025 (SGD)
GluRSGeneProductS000005393 (SGD)
IleRSGeneProductS000005961 (SGD)
MetRSGeneProductS000003403 (SGD)
TrpRSGeneProductS000002676 (SGD)
pre ArgRSGeneProductS000001133 (SGD)
pre AsnRSGeneProductS000000618 (SGD)
pre AspRSGeneProductS000000618 (SGD)
pre HisRSGeneProductS000006237 (SGD)
pre LeuRSGeneProductS000004374 (SGD)
pre LysRSGeneProductS000005017 (SGD)
pre PheRSGeneProductS000006251 (SGD)
pre ThrRSGeneProductS000001677 (SGD)
pre TyrRSGeneProductS000006018 (SGD)
pre ValRSGeneProductS000003326 (SGD)

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